Renaud Héléna – drawings


About the artist:

I like plastic and synthetic fabric.
I like cutting a trash bag to transform it into a garland.
I like listening to lyrical music (with violin and other classical instruments) like in the movies, except that here I will be the one saving you.
I like mundane conversations that fail to reach anyone.
I wonder if you come here often.
I like witches potions to find love.
I like pulp cushioning.
I do not like the work of those that want to save us.
I like to get rid of things and feel free for a while.
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The Jobs I’ve Found on Craigslist – A short story

by Anna Geary-Meyer

My first job out of university is as a personal assistant to a web designer in Berlin, where I moved because I didn’t know where else to go. The web designer answers my application email in all lower-case and I show up to our interview in a sweat-drenched button down. I am the only applicant.

He’s an alcoholic, so besides sending emails, most of my job consists of returning his empty bottles to the supermarket. In return, I buy myself expensive cheeses, and I notice that after a few weeks, my biceps have gotten really toned from carrying the bags. I grocery shop for him a few times because of his withdrawal tremors, and I get the week off when he goes to rehab.

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Jane Flett – Collages


About the artist:

Jane likes to do ALL THE THINGS. She’s written a lot of short stories and poems that you can find in various journals and all over the internet, and she’s currently finishing a novel about a bunch of queer kids who live in a funfair. Jane’s also one-half of the riot grrrl cello band Razor Cunts, the poetry editor for Leopardskin & Limes, a co-founder of Queer Stories Berlin, and a creative writing tutor. Occasionally, she likes to star in art films and lesbian clown porn.
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Jakub Ra Svoboda – Photography


About the artist:

If a have to put myself in a box I would say: I am student of art, study photography in the Intermedia department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

If not, I am saying: Open minded human being who is fascinated by human behavior, sexuality, gender stereotypes and many other things which people do.
Flying between different medias like photography, performance, fashion design, video and installation.

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Satadru – Multidisciplinary Art


About the artist:

I am Satadru, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Delhi. I completed my M.F.A. in 2000 at Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, India. I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship from the University of California UCSC, DANM and I did my project there in New Media Art.

My work takes shape in varying formats and it is focusing on the gender topography of South Asia.
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BLAME201 – Collages (explicit)


About the artist:

I’m BLAME201 a queer artist from France. I started making art in 2013. I’m also running a DIY fanzine called Teenage Paranoids which is focused on industrial, psychick, queer, cut-up, noise, acid and porn culture, have a noise label called Sectarian Violences and play in several projects / bands.
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Tom Moore – Comics

About the artist:

I started reading newspaper comics when I was little. I am dyslexic and like things which are short and punchy. I love how this kind of imagery becomes monumental in Pop Art. Although things have gotten mixed up for me now and I can’t help but see the grandness in Snoopy and the cuteness in Warhol.
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Lekouzinthomas – Drawings


About the Artist:

Born in 1982, in Lure, France. I have a mother, a father, a big brother, a big sister, a sister in law, 3 nieces.
Always liked to draw. Changed home five times from the age of 0 to 15 due to my dad’s work.
Finished Graphic Design public school in 2002 and became a driving license / voting card owner in Marseille, South of France. Worked for a salary as a junior graphic-designer for two years. Left the communication professional field, looking for my graphic freedom.
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Axthropix – Photography


About the artist:

Axthropix is an Instagramer that frames what may be mundane and banal to many, but seeks to show you the beauty it actually possesses. An avid traveller, she brings her moments from as many places as wanderlust allows her to.
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Text by Tobias Daniels
Cover Photo by Mark Stuplin

Queer underground cinema has changed. New voices from around the world emerge every day, bringing unique LGBTQ perspectives to mainstream culture. With easy access to crowd funding and cheap production, how does one film stand out against the rest?Early one February morning I got an email from Verena from TQU, saying she was visiting LA and wanted to connect. We met to discuss my film Black Velvet, my process for making the film and chatted briefly about our own unique (and sometimes-bizarre) experiences with Scientology: the Celebrity Center looming over our heads just across the street from the sidewalk café we were sitting at, the Bourgeois Pig. Verena is at the forefront of a global movement of tastemakers and artists shaping the culture of the future. Listening to her talk about how the Transnational Queer Underground is no longer underground, how it’s at your fingertips and influencing every part of our global society, inspired me to open up about what it’s really like to be an LGBTQ Filmmaker of Color in Hollywood.



alex highet – collages


About the artist:

Alex has been making collages as prizes for monthly open-mic Uke Boogie (now in Berlin, Edinburgh and Sligo) for many years, and realised in 2015 it’s time to take it as very serious fun. He has been massaging human bodies professionally for the same amount of time. His musical project, We’re Only Made Of Snow, released an self-titled EP this year, and can be found doing solo and full band shows regularly in Berlin. Alex hasn’t won any awards, but regularly rewards himself gold stars for successes such as leaving the house or flirting with hot peoples.

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Burned by the Stake – a short story

by Ambika Thompson

I was passing through the main square of a village, selling pelts so I could feed all the children I have at home, when a man tried to stick his hand up my skirt. Without hesitation I slapped him in the face and that’s when he screamed out,

“Witch! Witch!”

Before I knew it all the villagers had descended on me. A man, carrying a copy of the Malleus Maleficarum, yelled to the villagers,

“What should we do with her?”

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Smear Signal – a short story

by Corinna Cliff

Eleanor walked up the broken pavement towards the old school, focussing on her feet. Sweat was running down her arms as she balanced two buckets of soapy water in each hand and a bag with brushes on her shoulder. When she reached the hole in the fence, she placed the buckets and the bag under a bush, stood up, and overlooked the dried grassland behind the school. The windows of the nearest apartment blocks were blinded by the afternoon sun. Nobody was to be seen.

Eleanor quickly lifted the buckets and the bag through the fence and climbed through the hole, making sure not to entangle her long black dress in the fence. A large courtyard spread out in front of her, full of grass and shrubs that had pushed through between the paving slabs. Eleanor adjusted her thin-rimmed metal glasses, picked up the buckets and approached the massive building at the end of the yard.

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Trans In Prison – Insights into hidden realities

by Calvin Gimpelevich

What we know is there are trans people and there are prisons and sometimes the two overlap. It happens all over, but I’m from California, so let’s talk about the US.We have the highest incarceration rate in the world, beating Russia, Rwanda, and China by far. We have about five percent of the world’s population and twenty-five percent of world inmates, spending about $24,000 (€18,000) per inmate per year. The statistics are fuzzier regarding who is transgender, but recent estimates place about 0.3% of adults. A small subset, and yet we are disproportionately arrested. Sixteen percent of US trans people report incarceration at some point, though the spread isn’t even. You can make that twenty-one percent for transgender women, and forty-seven percent for people who are transgender and black.

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bell’s roar – a loud and persistent voice in the fight for social justice

by Verena Spilker

bell’s roar is the music project of Sean Desiree. Originally from the Bronx in New York City, she now lives Upstate in Albany with her family, where she’s involved in various projects.

She has been making music for a long time, first playing in the band Broadcast Live. After that, she began to develop more of her own sound and started writing her own songs. In the beginning, she just used a guitar and her voice, but gradually she also became the drummer, bassist and ultimately the producer. Now she even makes her own music videos. Very DIY, really great.

For her self titled debut EP that came out in 2014, she teamed up with Cedar Apffel from Natureboy/Two Twins, who rearranged the songs she had previously recorded by herself. She also toured and recorded with Kiran Gandhi, who also drums for M.I.A., and her partner Alisa Sikelianos-Carter sometimes helps out with the lyrics and makes the cover artworks for bell’s roar.

Her first album is going to be released in November 2015 on Firebrand Records, the same label as Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) and Ryan Harvey (Riot-Folk Collective). This label and bell’s roar seem like the perfect fit, since they both combine music with political and activist ideas.

Sean Desiree also runs South End Pallet Works where she builds furniture out of used pallets and is part of the organizing team for Upstate Ladyfest.

TQU: Why did you choose bell’s roar to be your name as a musician?

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Girls Rock Japan – a transcontinental zine cooperation

by Verena Spilker

For MOM#3 we’ve been collaborating with the organizers of Ladies Rock Camp Japan quite a bit. Nami, one of the organizers, drew the amazing poster that functions as a cover for the magazine and also made an illustration for one of the stories in the magazine. Ritsuko, who I met while she was visiting Berlin earlier this year, introduced us and helped with translating things.

So while we were sitting in Germany getting the magazine ready to be printed, Nami and Ritsuko were in Japan and preparing Ladies Rock Camp Japan. Communicating back and forth, the idea came up to publish the story that Nami illustrated as a zine in Japanese. Together with a tape by Ritsuko’s band gummybear both came out in April 2015 in Japan to support Girls/Ladies Rock Camp Japan, a month before MOM #3 was released in Germany.

In order to give you some background information about our amazing partner in Japan, they answered some questions for us:

TQU: How long has Girls Rock Japan been active?

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Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller by Chloé Griffin

by Corinna Cliff

Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller was originally thought of as a film project and turned into a collage of interviews in the style of an oral history sorted by the different periods of Cookie Mueller’s life. The author spoke to about 80 people including intimate interviews with Cookie’s son and her lover who the author accompanied over years recording the memories and anecdotes they shared. With its many photos and illustrations the book is very visually appealing.

Chloé Griffin is an artist, actress and filmmaker living in Berlin. She recently starred in Desire Will Set You Free, a film set in the queer underground scene of Berlin.

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Perfume Genius on pigs, kids and fame

by Mareike Lütge & Verena Spilker

In November when Perfume Genius came to Berlin to play a show at Lido, Mareike and I had the chance to interview him. Mareike had met Mike Hadreas, the mastermind behind Perfume Genius four years before, when he gave her one of his first interviews ever.

Unfortunately, the recording device didn’t work so the interview never got published, but you can read a recap of that night here. It was a very intimate and special show with just Mike and his boyfriend Allan both playing the piano and maybe twenty people in the audience. He had just released his first album Learning and it was quite obvious that this beautiful music wouldn’t go unnoticed by a bigger audience for much longer. Since then, things have shifted around quite a bit. His second album Put Your Back N 2 It received much more media attention. This was partly due to YouTube being super prudish and taking down the album trailer from its internet site and the reaction this provoked within the queer community and beyond. Now after releasing his third album Too Bright, he’s been featured on magazine covers and appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Due to a broken tire, Mike and his band arrived later than expected to the venue so we only had a couple of minutes to do the interview with him, but this is what Mareike, me and Mike talked about:

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Roseus Lupus – about being a flamingo in a family of wolves

by Janielle Love Williams

I’m the descendent of a lineage of lycanthropes. As far back as we can trace, the Martins have shed their human coats at midnight of the full moon and roamed the night in packs. Shape shifting is an ability granted only after puberty. Needless to say I spent my childhood in anticipation. I begged my parents to stay up late on the full moon nights to watch them change, to see where they went and what they did. When I was about eight, I convinced them to let me join them on an outing.

It made me thrilled to see who I’d become one day when I saw my parents and older brother sprout hairs all over their bodies, and their teeth grew to resemble ivory blades. Dad threw me on his back before storming out of the house and into the night with the rest of the family. I watched with wide eyes as they sunk their teeth into small animals that they caught in the forest near the house. That night they caught a couple of people. I was young then but presume they were college kids getting drunk by the lake. Pops warned me that with human prey you had to be careful and quick, and to leave absolutely no evidence.

You have to eat the entire body, Chase,” he told me.

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Jay Brannan on Gummy Bears and new languages

by Mareike Lütge & Verena Spilker

This October Jay Brannan played a concert in Berlin, as part of his world tour. You can read the review of the concert that Mareike wrote for TQU here. Unfortunately Jay only had time for one interview while he was in Berlin, but he answered our questions via e-mail. 

TQU: Thanks a lot for that lovely show you played at Frannz Club in Berlin last week. It was really magical!

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Femme Hive: organizing femme visibility in Berlin

by Verena Spilker

Over the weekend of 10-12 October 2014 FEMME HIVE a Berlin Femme / Queer Feminine Konferenz will take place in Berlin-Neukölln, Germany, consisting of workshops, skill shares, panels, films, visual art, fashion show, performances and a big buzzy femme celebration party! And even though registration is already closed and there’s quite a waiting list for the conference, there’s gonna be a party at Schwuz on friday, a film night at Villa Neukölln on saturday and a farewell social at Silver Future on sunday that is open to all. So, I hope to see you all there and until then, Elliat was nice enough to answer some questions about the conference to get you all started:

TQU: When and how did you decide to organize the Femme Hive weekend?

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Queer Cinema of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

by Verena Spilker

Thanks to a post by Scott E. Myers in the Queer East Asian Studies group on facebook I got inspired to publish a list of queer cinema feature films, some of which you can stream online, from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. So I think I’ll be busy watching these, the next couple of days. If you know more movies please add them in the comment section.


Filmposter Fish and Elephant
Fish and Elephant

Fish & Elephant by Li Yu is often referred to as the first film from the Chinese mainland to broach the topic of lesbian relationships in China.

The story follows a elephant keeper in the Beijing Zoo and her lesbian lover, a fabric saleswoman in an outdoor market. Their relationship gets tested, when her recently divorced mother returns to town hoping to set her daughter up for marriage. Another problem arises, when one of Xiaoqun’s ex-lovers returns to her life with the law in pursuit.

The film was an “underground” production (in that it was not made with official support) and was cast entirely with non-professional actors and actresses.

Once the film’s production was complete, it faced several challenges before it could be seen by audiences. Due to its underground status, Li Yu did not have the support of the Chinese authorities. An attempt to deliver a print to the Venice Film Festival in 2001 led to it being lost. Later screenings, therefore, like at the Toronto Film Festival, for example, had to be on videotape instead of a film reel. Fortunately for Li, copies of Fish and Elephant eventually managed to screen at over 70 different film festivals around the world. However, it was shown only once in Mainland China at a LGBT film festival that was quickly shut down by authorities.

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

Stream the whole movie with English subtitles on SolarMovie.

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Jef Barbara – authentic and outrageous!

by Verena Spilker

In 2013 Montréal’s Jef Barbara released their second album, Soft to the Touch, on Tricatel. Expatriarch (run by my lovely flatmate and friend, Joey Hansom) organized their concert in Berlin/Germany at Urban Spree on October 18th, 2013 together with Noisekölln. Expatriarch says the album ‚blends velvety glam, shimmering new wave, synthetic R&B and fermented kraut (plus duets with Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab and Sean Nicholas Savage)‘ and I couldn’t find any better words to describe it. If you want to find out for yourselves, you can stream the album at Brooklyn Vegan or watch some videos below.

I first learned about Jef Barbara a few years back, when Jef contacted me asking to get listed on Transnational Queer Underground. I really liked their music and so I took this chance of them playing a show here in Berlin to finally meet and interview Jef. I enjoy the honesty you can feel coming from their music and love the videos that look so lo-fi as well as so creative, and that they put their first album out on cassette. Check out the ‘Les Homosexuelles‘ video from their first album Contamination on the right.

TQU: I read that you created Jef Barbara as a persona. How does that persona differ from the other ‚offstage’ you?

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The Indigenous Water Protectors

“Gonzales told me that for them, this struggle also means honoring their experience as a two-spirit person and pushing back against the misogyny and transmisogyny they experience. “For me, being sacred in my body and in my soul, that gives me the ability to step where I need to be stepping and acting where I need to take action because I’m queer. That gives me the special knowledge and wisdom to be able to do what I do.””

Fighting for the Future: The Indigenous Water Protectors Leading Standing Rock’s Movement Aren’t Backing Down | Bitch Media

Hundreds of indigenous activists camped out at Sacred Stone are ready to give everything to protect the land and water.

Source: bitchmedia.org/article/standing-rock-dakota-access-pipeline-protest-hearken-feminist

Blogs & Zines Egypt

Gay Egypt

Here you can find different information on the situation of LGBTIQ rights in Egypt.

Solidarity with Egypt LGBT

It’s a campaign to reach out to LGBT movements and individuals worldwide about the LGBT issues in Egypt.إنها حملة للتواصل مع الجمعيات و الأفراد المتضامنين مع حقوق مختلفي الميول الجنسية و الجند…

Source: solidaritywithegyptlgbt.wordpress.com/

First steps to legalizing same-sex marriage in China?

Sun Wenlin and Hu Mingliang Want to Get Married – The New Yorker

Attitudes toward same-sex marriage in China are shaped not only by the contradictions of the country today but by its long history of homosexuality.

Source: www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/sun-wenlin-and-hu-mingliang-want-to-get-married?mbid=nl_160903_Daily


Biawak Gemok is a radical zine distro focusing on the underrepresented and intersectional. It’s co-founded by Nine (economic migrant and pet-sitter extraordinaire) and Liy (stubbornly inclusive Malaysian-Muslim). Together we stock, source, and sell zines (small self-made magazines) and donate almost all our profits in solidarity.

Biawak Gemok Distro

Source: dizzy.li/biawakgemok/

Places Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur

Rainbow Rojak is held on the first Friday of every month on the rooftop of Marketplace in central KL. People can check http://www.facebook.com/rainbowrojak for updates.
Merdekarya, is not a queer space but its owners are queer-friendly and it’s welcoming and creative. It’s a bar that has gigs & open mic every night (closed Sunday & Monday), sells CDs by local musicians and has affordable food & drink:
La Bodega in Telawi. It’s not a queer venue but every Thursday night is ladies’ night with free drinks for women 8-10pm. It’s always been a nice space with little to no sleazy men coming along for it, but it’s also gotten an increasingly queer clientele of late. This is their Facebook.

The art of seeing Aboriginal Australia’s queer potential

The art of seeing Aboriginal Australia’s queer potential

Since European contact Aboriginal people, such as myself, have been constructed as “straight”. This cultural default has contributed to the difficulty of proving so-called “real accounts” of sexual and…

Source: theconversation.com/the-art-of-seeing-aboriginal-australias-queer-potential-25588

Places Turkey

You can easly guess that in Turkey being gay is still a big taboo. But we are everywhere and we have our own solutions.



In Antakya there is a famous turkish bath full with plenty of good guys. The name is Cindi Hamamı. And from 08.00pm to 04.00am you can meet guys at Big Antakya Park. Best places there are near the Orta Kahve, the way near the pool and the dark hills opposite the river.


In Iskenderun and there is only one park where people can spontanously meet. It’s called “T park” or “Anıt Alanı”.

The Nest Collective

Check out The Nest Collective and their film and book called ‘Stories of Our Lives’!

“On June 30, 2013, we began collecting and archiving the stories of persons identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex from Kenya. We called this project ‘Stories of Our Lives’ (the resulting archive is contained in this book) – and we wanted to do this project for many reasons, but mostly because we wanted to tell stories that are not often heard, stories that characterize the queer experience in Kenya.”

Here Are Just Some Of The Badass Queer Women Competing In Rio

Here Are Just Some Of The Badass Queer Women Competing In Rio

Going for gold, out and proud.

Source: www.buzzfeed.com/skarlan/going-for-gold-out-and-proud?utm_term=.etG6J9Wa3X

Two Spirits, One Heart, Five Genders

Two Spirits, One Heart, Five Genders

“I will leave the last words to the late Lakota actor, Native rights activist and American Indian Movement co-founder Russell Means: “In my culture we have people who dress half-man, half-woman. Winkte, we call them in our language. If you are Winkte, that is an honorable term and you are a special human being and among my nation and all Plains people, we consider you a teacher of our children and are proud of what and who you are.”

Source: indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2016/01/23/two-spirits-one-heart-five-genders


A queer history: South Africa’s KhoiKhoi in Australia

A queer history: South Africa’s KhoiKhoi in Australia

by Karen Williams The last man executed for sodomy in Australia in 1863 was an indigenous black South African soldier. He was one of hundreds of mainly African and Asian indigenous and enslaved peo…

Source: mediadiversified.org/2016/07/27/a-queer-history-south-africas-khoikhoi-in-australia/

A Peek Inside Berlin’s Queer Club Scene Before Hitler Destroyed It

A Peek Inside Berlin’s Queer Club Scene Before Hitler Destroyed It

A new book tells the true stories behind Cabaret, and what was possibly the most thrilling gay party scene the world has ever known. Read an excerpt here.

Source: www.advocate.com/books/2016/7/19/peek-inside-berlins-queer-club-scene-hitler-destroyed-it



SFSEX – Studio for Subjective Experiences

Source: sfsex.de/

SFSEX – Studio for Subjective Experiences is a temporary Offspace in Essen, Germany.
Over the course of two months three exhibitions will explore themes of sexual subjectification and diversity, as well as the societal intolerance and defamation these themes are inherently met with.

Round Three opening July 29th, 2016

LGBT Artists Who Shaped Toronto’s Music History

LGBT Artists Who Shaped Toronto’s Music History

Although we have a long way to go in the fight for equality, it’s cities like Toronto who pave the way for acceptance and support of LGBT expression. This support is reflected in the long history of supporting queer music.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.ca/jonathan-bunce-jonny-dovercourt-/lgbt-musicians-toronto_b_10735068.html

Places Belgium



Queerilla is a group that wants to create a safe haven for queers. We do all kinds of stuff but mostly we organize parties, low budget & diy, most of the time in squats or other low profile places, because we want to keep things cheap and non-commercial and accessible for everyone. We do everything ourselves and try to give everyone a chance to get involved, eg. by participating in a barshift or in the cabaret/open stage. Besides parties we also go to marches and protest and work together with other local anarchist inspired groups.

Places Slovenia



is the largest and capital city of Slovenia and has a great night life scene. The gay scene in Ljubljana is good and there are a good range of gay bars and clubs available. You will be able to find the Ljubljana gay bars quite easily and you can expect to enjoy a great night out with your friends here.

Klub Gymnasivm club and sauna only for gays is located at
Ulics pohorskega bataljona 34 (public transportation: bus 6, 8 – Smelt/WTC, bus 14 – Mercator Slovenceva)

The second best known and popular place is called Tiffany which is located in a small circle of bars and clubs and has a great atmosphere as well as funky music and décor. It is open once a week and offers a good fun place for the gay community to go out to. You can expect to meet some fun people and have a great night out here. The addresses of the bar is: Masarykova cesta 24, 1000 Ljubljana

The third of the Ljubljana queer bars is a place called Monokel which is a great bar for lesbians. All are welcome but it is extremely popular with the lesbian crowd and is the ideal place for pre club drinks and parties. The addresses of this bar is as well: Masarykova cesta 24, 1000 Ljubljana
There is also a gay & lesbian disco (on saturdays and on sundays) Kersnikova 4 , 1000 Ljubljana

Check out the exact dates at Klub K4 and Ljudmila.

There are also the Roza party at K4 and Bare Quake party.

Café Kolaž gay and lesbian friendly Tapas Bar, Restaurant and Lounge.
Every year we have a gay & lesbian film festival which take places the first week of December in Kinoteka, Ljubljana.

Places Bosnia and Herzegovina



There’s not many gay friendly places in Banjaluka or in the region, and even less openly gay or gay friendly places.
In Banjaluka many gays and lesbians go for a drink in Mister X café bar (electro and rock pop music, one of the only alternative place in the city) in the very city center but never openly showing that they are gay.

Places Indonesia



Apollo Bar & Lounge (gay and lesbian night club) | Address: Jalan Mega Kuningan Barat VII, Bellagio Boutique Mall UG Level 07 & 09, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 12950, Indonesia | Phone:+62 21 91275566 | Hours: Open today · 7:00 pm – 1:30 am

Atlantis (gay sauna)

9M Massage (gay sauna)

Jogjakarta City

Cabaret Show in Oyot Godhong Mirota Batik.

Bali Island

Dhyana Pura Arcade, at Camplung Tanduk Street, Seminyak Area. This is a gay bar strip. Notable bars are: Facebar, Mixwell, Bottoms up.

Places Paraguay



La Serafina – a feminist cultural center, with meetings, events, small concerts or parties.

La Mansión 108 – a queer housing project with occasional events, shows and art exhibitions. Also offering rooms for short term rent.

La Otra Vereda – a lesbian karaoke bar, small and with cheap drinks. Feeling a bit like hanging out in a cozy garage.  Adress: Estrella 960

Trauma – an old gay disco. It is kind of commercial, but it has a long history and a lot of Trans people hang out here, that don’t necessarily seem to be welcome at other places. The drinks are cheap and music usually starts with pop and becomes more kumbia and latin american music styles later at night. They also have drag shows every once in a while.

OMG (Oh My God) – a relatively new gay disco, a little more modern and expensive but nice people. Disco on the weekends and bar and karaoke during the week.

Places Colombia





Modernika is a more alternative place to go to in Bogotá, with excelent music and ambience!

El mozo exelent parties.

Café La estación is a friendly, well attended place.

Another beautiful place is calles Village.

Theatron – Calle 58 No. 10-32 Chapinero – the biggest lgbt club in Bogota, but mostly mainstream people and music.



El recreo de adan (Café)

Ole mi casa (hostel)






Lincoln road

Studio 54 – Calle Larga # 8B-98, Cartagena, Getsemani


Culture – Cra 43F # 18-158 El Poblado, detrás del Centro Automotriz



Citrus club – Calle 27 # 43 F – 67, Antioquia