Lea Daniel – Illustration

Bruce Pak

About the artist and artwork :

My pseudonym is Lea Daniel. I am a self-taught artist from Russia. I love theatre and art-nouveau black and white graphic. I seek inspiration in horror stories and myths and legends. I`m pansexual but in my country it`s almost a crime to be different from the majority. I hope one day we`ll learn to accept and love each other instead of contributing to hatred and bigotry.
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Bruce Pak – Illustration

Bruce Pak

About the artist:

I am an illustrator and all-around goofball currently living in Seoul, South Korea. Though the country is extremely conservative on LGBT rights, it has inspired me to create artwork that can be shared among the thriving community that we have here. As a gay male I focus mainly on the ideals of masculinity and how they are interpreted in different cultures, mainly between Korea and the West.
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Narong Tintamusik – Drawing and Painting

Narong Tintamusik

About the artwork:

The thoughts about contracting venereal disease lingers within me. To have both sexual anxiety and the need to satisfy my desires became the basis of my work. While indulging in pornography, I was able to live my life vicariously. With no real physical contact when it comes to viewing explicit media, I enter a free world. To obtain personal fulfillment and liberation, I create a body of work that depicts figures having sex shamelessly. Themes of indulgence, sexual freedom, and fear permeate my art. The figures, bold and indifferent, contains the qualities that I lack. They are truly what I am not and what I want to be. My own insecurities caused the sexual imagery to contain a taste of violence. Yet, this very depravity is what gives me the confidence in myself.

I hope my viewers are able to feel a sense of liberation and freedom after viewing my art. The more I create my works, the more I feel comfortable about my sexuality. For those like me who have not fully experienced sex to the fullest, I wish the art may open a door or two to many more.
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Lee Fleming – Mixed Media Paintings

Lee Fleming

About the artist:

Lee Fleming is a New Orleans-born genderqueer activist, academic, graphic designer, and multi-media artist.

Lee’s art centers on the celebration of black beauty, afro-textured hair, and queer blackness.

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Hagra – drawing/illustration

Hagra Illustration

About the artist and artwork:

Hey! My name is Hagra. I’m an artist and illustrator from Russia, Tatarstan. Sometimes I participate in exhibitions in my country and abroad. But most important for me is to show my work on the Internet, because I believe the Internet is one of the most democratic platforms.

I‘m a feminist, transgender man and pansexual. And I draw people like me for people like me 🙂 So the main theme of my work is queer sexuality, gender identity, different types of discrimination and classism.

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Vusi Jabulani Makatsi – Performance and self expression as queer activism/visibility through Photography

Vusi Jabulani Makatsi

About the artist:

I go by the name Vusi (short for Vusimuzi) Jabulani Makatsi, and I am 23 years old going through a midlife crisis. But trust me I still deliver like a midwife. lol.

I’m anthropology graduate with a psychology post-grad honours degree. I am incredibly passionate about transforming the world into a more inclusive space to live, for that would mean myself, along with many other gendered people can live in a safe world without prejudice, hate crimes rooted in senselessness.

My modes of transforming this world include fashion as a form of conmmunication, a language wherein I can address issues of gender, identity, while simultaneously challenging other peoples conceptions of the term.

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Felix d’Eon – Drawings

Felix d'Eon

About the artist:

Felix was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, to a French father and a Mexican mother.

At a very young age, he and his family moved to Southern California, where he spent most of his childhood and adolescence. He attended college at the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, and subsequently lived in San Francisco until 2010, when he returned to his native Mexico.

He now lives in Mexico City with his mini schnauzer, Caperucita Satori. While home is now Mexico, he travels extensively, and has lived at various times in Florence, Tennessee, Bangkok, Oahu, New Orleans, and in various cities around Mexico.
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Kamee Abrahamian – Mixed Media Art


About the artwork:

My intention is to disrupt the status quo; to create work that digs into and unsilences a millefeuille of lost or untold stories, both ancestral and contemporary; and to dialogue with the unmapped, oppressed, and stagnant inside self and community.

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Musa Al-Shadeedi – Collage/Photography

About the artist and artwork:

Musa (b. 1992 Baghdad) lived his childhood under the regime of Saddam Hussein and the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party. At the age of eleven, US forces invaded Iraq under the guise of regime change and freeing the Iraqi people from authoritarian rule.

The liberty that was promised to them never came and the painful reality of these experiences influenced Musa in various ways.
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Satadru – Multidisciplinary Art


About the artist:

I am Satadru, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Delhi. I completed my M.F.A. in 2000 at Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, India. I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship from the University of California UCSC, DANM and I did my project there in New Media Art.

My work takes shape in varying formats and it is focusing on the gender topography of South Asia.
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Text by Tobias Daniels
Cover Photo by Mark Stuplin

Queer underground cinema has changed. New voices from around the world emerge every day, bringing unique LGBTQ perspectives to mainstream culture. With easy access to crowd funding and cheap production, how does one film stand out against the rest?Early one February morning I got an email from Verena from TQU, saying she was visiting LA and wanted to connect. We met to discuss my film Black Velvet, my process for making the film and chatted briefly about our own unique (and sometimes-bizarre) experiences with Scientology: the Celebrity Center looming over our heads just across the street from the sidewalk café we were sitting at, the Bourgeois Pig. Verena is at the forefront of a global movement of tastemakers and artists shaping the culture of the future. Listening to her talk about how the Transnational Queer Underground is no longer underground, how it’s at your fingertips and influencing every part of our global society, inspired me to open up about what it’s really like to be an LGBTQ Filmmaker of Color in Hollywood.



bell’s roar – a loud and persistent voice in the fight for social justice

by Verena Spilker

bell’s roar is the music project of Sean Desiree. Originally from the Bronx in New York City, she now lives Upstate in Albany with her family, where she’s involved in various projects.

She has been making music for a long time, first playing in the band Broadcast Live. After that, she began to develop more of her own sound and started writing her own songs. In the beginning, she just used a guitar and her voice, but gradually she also became the drummer, bassist and ultimately the producer. Now she even makes her own music videos. Very DIY, really great.

For her self titled debut EP that came out in 2014, she teamed up with Cedar Apffel from Natureboy/Two Twins, who rearranged the songs she had previously recorded by herself. She also toured and recorded with Kiran Gandhi, who also drums for M.I.A., and her partner Alisa Sikelianos-Carter sometimes helps out with the lyrics and makes the cover artworks for bell’s roar.

Her first album is going to be released in November 2015 on Firebrand Records, the same label as Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) and Ryan Harvey (Riot-Folk Collective). This label and bell’s roar seem like the perfect fit, since they both combine music with political and activist ideas.

Sean Desiree also runs South End Pallet Works where she builds furniture out of used pallets and is part of the organizing team for Upstate Ladyfest.

TQU: Why did you choose bell’s roar to be your name as a musician?

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Cherokee Nation Will Now Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

Cherokee Nation Will Now Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

“The right to marry without the freedom to marry the person of one’s choice is no right at all,” the tribe’s attorney general wrote in his decision.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/cherokee-nation-will-now-recognize-same-sex-marriage_us_584b061fe4b04c8e2bafca0e?section=politics

Pakistan’s first transgender model makes debut with stunning photoshoot – The Express Tribune

Pakistan’s first transgender model makes debut with stunning photoshoot – The Express Tribune

Pakistan’s first trans model wishes to eradicate the stereotyping attached to the taboo.

Source: tribune.com.pk/story/1246927/pakistans-first-transgender-model-makes-debut-stunning-photoshoot/

A new Google project is unearthing the untold stories of India’s female pioneers

A new Google project is unearthing the untold stories of India’s female pioneers

The rich history of women in India, from enterprising royals and grassroots activists to poets, artists and scientists.

““Men dominate history because they write it,” the British author Rosalind Miles explained in her 1988 book Who Cooked the Last Supper?: The Women’s History of the World. And that stands true for India, too, where the stories of pioneering women are often an afterthought in history classes.

Source: qz.com/842363/google-art-culture-virtual-exhibitions-reveal-the-untold-stories-of-indias-female-pioneers/

A queer film festival comes to Uganda

A queer film festival comes to Uganda — where homosexuality is illegal

This December, several hundred film fans from around the world are expected to gather in Kampala, Uganda. There will be no red carpet, no palm trees, and no billboards, just a series of text messages directing the guests to a series of otherwise undisclosed locations. Welcome to the Queer Kampala…

Source: news.vice.com/story/a-queer-film-festival-comes-to-uganda-where-homosexuality-is-illegal

HOLAA!: Revisiting the essay ‘Homosexuality is ‘unafrican’ in pre-colonial history’

HOLAA!: Revisiting the essay ‘Homosexuality is ‘unafrican’ in pre-colonial history’

“…there is this amazing history of women loving women in Afro-Surinamese culture. After reading The Politics of Passion I can’t help but wonder if the exact same thing doesn’t apply to the West African context.

  • A historical heritage where sexuality was understood as behaviour and as part of a person’s dynamic complexity. Where people saw no need to “come out” as who they had sex with was behaviour and not an identity,
  • The appearance of colonialism disrupting not only ideas of spirituality and the transmission of knowledge, but also of sexuality,
  • The distancing of ideas, philosophies and practices associated with “backward” pre-colonial Africa in favour of “forward” European thought by middle-class, colonial and post-colonial Africans,
  • The adoption of a “global” LGBT identity by queer Africans accompanied by the rejection of this identity by post-colonial Africans, both disconnected from the historical understanding of sexuality.”

Source: http://holaafrica.org/2016/11/07/revisiting-the-essay-homosexuality-is-unafrican-in-pre-colonial-history/


NWarrior – Comics

NWarrior Comics

About the artist:

I am NWarrior, I love art and my goal of life is to become good human.

I love to draw, and my art is a very huge part of my life. My art was with me in every phase of my path, and drawing is the most important instrument for me to learn about life and myself and, of course, to get to my goal.

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Kumu Hina – A Place In The Middle

Kumu Hina – A Place In the Middle

“KUMU HINA is a powerful film about the struggle to maintain Pacific Islander culture and values within the Westernized society of modern day Hawaiʻi. It is told through the lens of an extraordinary Native Hawaiian who is both a proud and confident māhū, or transgender woman, and an honored and respected kumu, or teacher, cultural practitioner, and community leader.”

Source: kumuhina.com/

Queer Haitians Find a Refuge in Vodou

Queer Haitians Find a Refuge in Vodou

Feared and denigrated by members of other faiths, Haitian Vodou is a far cry from the zombie-raising cult of a thousand horror films — and it’s also the only welcoming place for many LGBT Haitians.

Source: www.advocate.com/current-issue/2016/10/31/why-queer-haitians-are-turning-vodou

Hilde Atalanta – Illustration & Painting


About the artist:

My name is Hilde Atalanta. I’m an illustrator and painter, currently living and working in Amsterdam.

I love making portraits and illustrations, and I like to experiment with styles. I mainly work with (colored) pencils, watercolor, acrylic and ink.

My work revolves around the search for identity and different forms of relationships and sexualities. In it, I like to play with gender; many of the – often androgynous – boys I paint are based on female models. In one of my recent projects called The Vulva Gallery I focus on body positivity and female empowerment.
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Lita Poliakova – Collage

megan potoma preview

About the artist:

LITA (Life Is Torturing Awesome)
.. .. …. – .. .. ….
Created from restless remains, void-originated, Lita is an intrusive person, yes, she cares! She prettifies her carnal residence by digestion and contemplations. Trances daily and composes, carves, paints, and tears to shreds. Recklessly destroys order, desperately creates meanings, and painfully broadens the track. Lives afield. Ecstatically respects alive!
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Megan Potoma – Multidisciplinary

megan potoma preview

About the artist:

Megan Potoma is a Philadelphia native, currently completing her BA in Art Therapy at Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

As an aspiring art therapist, Potoma works in a variety of mediums with a strong focus on process. As a queer artist, Potoma explores significant themes relevant to her life through concept art. Many of Potoma’s works are focused around topics dealing with LGBTQ issues, intersectional feminism, gender, societal pressure, sex, and views of self.
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Dion Hitchings – Mixed Media Art

About the artist:

I was born in Saint Louis, Missouri. My mother found out she was pregnant with me two weeks after my father’s funeral. She always told me she found me under a rock. Took up drawing at age 3 and never put the crayons down. I never considered myself to fit in the “normal” world, so I looked to leave the midwest asap.

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Pride – Skimming the Surface of LGBTIQ Roma Intersectionality | Roma React

Pride – Skimming the Surface of LGBTIQ Roma Intersectionality | Roma React

“Reaching out to those who don’t know we exist starts by being visible, but in order to prevent suicide and abuse, in order to inspire and provide hope, we need to reach young people and their parents. Through projects like Queer Roma, Ververipen – Rroms por la diversidad, Mindj Panther and the work of RomaniPhen and the women behind this work we have great examples and powerful role models. If parents learn their children are not alone, that there is no shame but rather a great deal of pride to be taken in their LGBTIQ Roma children, we will all become much more visible for the benefit of all European society.”

Source: romareact.org/pride-skimming-the-surface-of-lgbtiq-roma-intersectionality/

LB – Paintings

About the artist and artwork:

LB is a public school teacher, zine writer and genderqueer artist from
Chicago, IL USA. They sing and drum for the feminist queer band The Ovens and write the zine Truckface. They are inspired by queer heroes
of the past and their own rage directed at systems of power. LB is
self-taught and only gets to paint during breaks from teaching.
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Get An Intimate Look At Queer Life In Japan

“Global and local influences are deeply intertwined in Japan’s queer culture. If you look back to the Edo Period, an entire genre of literature and art based on male-male courtship flourished, called shudo (“The way of youth”). Hundreds of books, including the poet Saikaku’s bestselling 1687 short story collection, “The Great Mirror of Male Love,” were published and if you were a wealthy male, a member of the clergy, or a beautiful adolescent boy (bishonen), your homosexual relations were generally accepted by society. That all changed after Japan’s doors were forcibly opened to Western trade by America in the mid-19th century. The era of rapid modernization that followed did away with “uncivilized” things of the Japanese past including shudo, and soon medico-scientific models that pathologized queer sexualities were imported from Germany and elsewhere.”

Get An Intimate Look At Queer Life In Japan

“The more I learned about these quietly revolutionary queer individuals in Japan, the more I wanted to share these stories with the world.”

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-queer-japan-project_us_56bcf9bae4b0b40245c5dcbf

Suriani – Street Art

About the artist:

I was born and raised in São Paulo. In 2002 while studying Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo, I felt the need to relate to the city through art. I found in graffiti and collages an effective and transgressive way to live the city. In 2007 I moved to Paris to start a masters degree in Fine Arts at the Université Paris VIII. Since then I have integrated the local street art scene.
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Lusi Lu – Drawing and photo-colorization

About the artist:

Born in 1983. Lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

Exhibited her artworks in Czech Republic, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Influenced by art nouveau, art deco and cubism.

Portrays almost exclusively feminine characters which always somehow deviates from generally accepted cultural construct of normativity and placing them in an abstract ornamental world with special attributes.

Using combination of techniques: gel, lacquer, acrylic or ink pens on hard paper or canvas and selective photo-colorization. All work is handmade and each image is unique and original.

Working also as a tour guide in Peru for Czech travel agency Alvarez and as an anthropologist; currently preparing herself for anthropological doctorate studies in Peru.
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On Being a Queer Musician

by Kat Hamilton

First of all, I love the term “Queer”. There is something unifying and inclusive about it. It covers a lot of ground. In the past year, I’ve really taken to identifying as queer vs. gay or lesbian. I hear it often in the music scene especially. Musicians are looking to connect to an identifier that can represent the fluidity of their gender and sexuality.

Musicians are looking to connect to an identifier that can represent the fluidity of their gender and sexuality.

When I think about queer representation in music right now, I think a lot about Laura Jane Grace. Against Me! represents a shift in the priorities of modern music. She came out as transgender and societies acceptance of that, dwarfed its outrage. Suddenly her “Gender is over” tank top was at every show I went to. Her coming out really opened a door for some other bands to play to a wider audience.

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Renaud Héléna – drawings


About the artist:

I like plastic and synthetic fabric.
I like cutting a trash bag to transform it into a garland.
I like listening to lyrical music (with violin and other classical instruments) like in the movies, except that here I will be the one saving you.
I like mundane conversations that fail to reach anyone.
I wonder if you come here often.
I like witches potions to find love.
I like pulp cushioning.
I do not like the work of those that want to save us.
I like to get rid of things and feel free for a while.
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The Jobs I’ve Found on Craigslist – A short story

by Anna Geary-Meyer

My first job out of university is as a personal assistant to a web designer in Berlin, where I moved because I didn’t know where else to go. The web designer answers my application email in all lower-case and I show up to our interview in a sweat-drenched button down. I am the only applicant.

He’s an alcoholic, so besides sending emails, most of my job consists of returning his empty bottles to the supermarket. In return, I buy myself expensive cheeses, and I notice that after a few weeks, my biceps have gotten really toned from carrying the bags. I grocery shop for him a few times because of his withdrawal tremors, and I get the week off when he goes to rehab.

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The Indigenous Water Protectors

“Gonzales told me that for them, this struggle also means honoring their experience as a two-spirit person and pushing back against the misogyny and transmisogyny they experience. “For me, being sacred in my body and in my soul, that gives me the ability to step where I need to be stepping and acting where I need to take action because I’m queer. That gives me the special knowledge and wisdom to be able to do what I do.””

Fighting for the Future: The Indigenous Water Protectors Leading Standing Rock’s Movement Aren’t Backing Down | Bitch Media

Hundreds of indigenous activists camped out at Sacred Stone are ready to give everything to protect the land and water.

Source: bitchmedia.org/article/standing-rock-dakota-access-pipeline-protest-hearken-feminist

Blogs & Zines Egypt

Gay Egypt

Here you can find different information on the situation of LGBTIQ rights in Egypt.

Solidarity with Egypt LGBT

It’s a campaign to reach out to LGBT movements and individuals worldwide about the LGBT issues in Egypt.إنها حملة للتواصل مع الجمعيات و الأفراد المتضامنين مع حقوق مختلفي الميول الجنسية و الجند…

Source: solidaritywithegyptlgbt.wordpress.com/

Jane Flett – Collages


About the artist:

Jane likes to do ALL THE THINGS. She’s written a lot of short stories and poems that you can find in various journals and all over the internet, and she’s currently finishing a novel about a bunch of queer kids who live in a funfair. Jane’s also one-half of the riot grrrl cello band Razor Cunts, the poetry editor for Leopardskin & Limes, a co-founder of Queer Stories Berlin, and a creative writing tutor. Occasionally, she likes to star in art films and lesbian clown porn.
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Jakub Ra Svoboda – Photography


About the artist:

If a have to put myself in a box I would say: I am student of art, study photography in the Intermedia department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

If not, I am saying: Open minded human being who is fascinated by human behavior, sexuality, gender stereotypes and many other things which people do.
Flying between different medias like photography, performance, fashion design, video and installation.

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First steps to legalizing same-sex marriage in China?

Sun Wenlin and Hu Mingliang Want to Get Married – The New Yorker

Attitudes toward same-sex marriage in China are shaped not only by the contradictions of the country today but by its long history of homosexuality.

Source: www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/sun-wenlin-and-hu-mingliang-want-to-get-married?mbid=nl_160903_Daily


Biawak Gemok is a radical zine distro focusing on the underrepresented and intersectional. It’s co-founded by Nine (economic migrant and pet-sitter extraordinaire) and Liy (stubbornly inclusive Malaysian-Muslim). Together we stock, source, and sell zines (small self-made magazines) and donate almost all our profits in solidarity.

Biawak Gemok Distro

Source: dizzy.li/biawakgemok/

Places Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur

Rainbow Rojak is held on the first Friday of every month on the rooftop of Marketplace in central KL. People can check http://www.facebook.com/rainbowrojak for updates.
Merdekarya, is not a queer space but its owners are queer-friendly and it’s welcoming and creative. It’s a bar that has gigs & open mic every night (closed Sunday & Monday), sells CDs by local musicians and has affordable food & drink:
La Bodega in Telawi. It’s not a queer venue but every Thursday night is ladies’ night with free drinks for women 8-10pm. It’s always been a nice space with little to no sleazy men coming along for it, but it’s also gotten an increasingly queer clientele of late. This is their Facebook.