Art can be radical. Art can be controversial.Art can be beautiful.

#TheGalleryProject – online

For Artists:

girlsEverybody who is interested can submit their artwork. Just follow these simple steps/fill out this form. You get your own page with your own gallery. There you can present your work, give a little information about yourself, and state if and what kind of collaborations you are interested in. Any form of art is accepted there is no deadline and you do not have to have any formal qualifications. We especially want to encourage people who have not published anything before! You can view all galleries here.

For Organizers, Zinesters, Gallerists, Media,…:

#TheGallery Project is a place of resources. You are looking for someone with a certain art style? Or from a specific region? Or you just want to take a look around and see new things? All this is possible. When searching for queer art or artists it is usually easiest to find people in your own region, the USA and other English speaking countries, but people in other parts of the world are often hard to find, which gives them a disadvantage to present their work globally. Same goes for minority groups and people with less financial or timely ressources. #TheGalleryProject wants to work against these tendencies.

General visitors:

Take a look around! We hope you find lots of interesting things to read and look at. You like somebody’s work? Leave a comment for them! You know somebody else who might find this project interesting? Tell them about it! Either way – thank you for stopping by!

#TheGalleryProject – offline

For Artists:

jahannamIn the beginning of 2017 we will select some of the submissions to be included in a travelling exhibition and an accompanying publication. The deadline to be a part of this is December 31st, 2016. If one or more of your pictures are selected, we will contact you in January 2017 to see how we can do this best. The first exhibition will probably be in March at Ladyfest Tallinn/Estonia.

For Organizers, Zinesters, Gallerists, Media,…:

Are you organizing a festival or event in 2017 and would like to show #TheGalleryProject? Do you want to write about #TheGalleryProject? Just write an email to art [at] and we’ll work something out!

General visitors:

We will let you know the locations where you can visit and become a part of #TheGalleryProject soon! Stay tuned!

A few previews to some of the galleries:



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