We all live and were born in a nation state. The passports that we have (or don’t have) limit or grant us our freedom to move. Even if we are ideologically against nation states and borders, they are still realities in our lives. People often connect stereotypes with countries they don’t know personally. At TQU we want to challenge these stereotypes and show different artists, activists, events etc. that are all part of the global queer community, and much more diverse than people might expect!

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Final Girls Berlin is looking for submissions!

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival showcases horror cinema that’s directed, written, and/or produced by women*. We are still accepting film submissions until May 3rd, which you can submit via filmfreeway, withoutabox, festhome, or email...


Sex redefined

Sex redefined The idea of two sexes is simplistic. Biologists now think there is a wider spectrum than that. Source: www.nature.com/news/sex-redefined-1.16943

Collage by Alex Highet 1


#TheGalleryProject – online For Artists: Everybody who is interested can submit their artwork. Just follow these simple steps/fill out this form. You get your own page with your own gallery. There you can present...


re_writing #our_story

Most of history has been written by white men. What they wrote and the truths they created are what we see reflected in mainstream global politics, media and discourses today. The history of women,...

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