Whorgane Madbled – performance/drawing/mixed media

Whorgane Madbled

About the artist:

Whorgane Madbled is shy, lonely and powerful. This person has a few names and never finished a degree somewhere – but is always and still learning some creepy mediums and crazy pogo steps. They don’t have
the technique of synthesis, so it’s not a couple of lines which follow each other, but a couple of minds: Dancer still in my mother’s belly, when I’m not totally jailed in it I use my bodie as a tool to express the magnificent freedom I feel by moving on barbed swings.
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Pride – Skimming the Surface of LGBTIQ Roma Intersectionality | Roma React

Pride – Skimming the Surface of LGBTIQ Roma Intersectionality | Roma React

“Reaching out to those who don’t know we exist starts by being visible, but in order to prevent suicide and abuse, in order to inspire and provide hope, we need to reach young people and their parents. Through projects like Queer Roma, Ververipen – Rroms por la diversidad, Mindj Panther and the work of RomaniPhen and the women behind this work we have great examples and powerful role models. If parents learn their children are not alone, that there is no shame but rather a great deal of pride to be taken in their LGBTIQ Roma children, we will all become much more visible for the benefit of all European society.”

Source: romareact.org/pride-skimming-the-surface-of-lgbtiq-roma-intersectionality/

Blogs & Zines Egypt

Gay Egypt

Here you can find different information on the situation of LGBTIQ rights in Egypt.

Solidarity with Egypt LGBT

It’s a campaign to reach out to LGBT movements and individuals worldwide about the LGBT issues in Egypt.إنها حملة للتواصل مع الجمعيات و الأفراد المتضامنين مع حقوق مختلفي الميول الجنسية و الجند…

Source: solidaritywithegyptlgbt.wordpress.com/


Art can be radical. Art can be controversial.Art can be beautiful.

#TheGalleryProject – online

For Artists:

girlsEverybody who is interested can submit their artwork. Just follow these simple steps/fill out this form. You get your own page with your own gallery. There you can present your work, give a little information about yourself, and state if and what kind of collaborations you are interested in. Any form of art is accepted there is no deadline and you do not have to have any formal qualifications. We especially want to encourage people who have not published anything before! You can view all galleries here.

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re_writing #our_story

Most of history has been written by white men. What they wrote and the truths they created are what we see reflected in mainstream global politics, media and discourses today.

The history of women, of non-whites, non-straight, and gender non-conforming people has been widely neglected in the past and is still underrepresented in the present.

We can change that!

tqu_flyer_03Let’s talk about the ways we see our sexualities, how we build families, how we structure our communities, and how we deal with the power relationships around us.

You can introduce individuals, groups, organizations, festival, bands, filmmakers, authors,…

Or share your personal perspectives, realities and ways of living through different forms of writing.

Write a review of a book, film or album.

Share the zine you’ve put together.

There’s many ways to tell your story and talk about what’s important to you.

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