On Being a Queer Musician

by Kat Hamilton
First of all, I love the term “Queer”. There is something unifying and inclusive about it. It covers a lot of ground. In the past year, I’ve really taken to identifying as queer vs. gay or lesbian. I hear it often in the music scene especially…


Trans In Prison

by Calvin Gimpelevich
What we know is there are trans people and there are prisons and sometimes the two overlap. It happens all over, but I’m from California, so let’s talk about the US. We have the…


Perfume Genius Concert

by Mareike Lütge
It’s a summer evening in shimmery hot Berlin. People are spending their time at lakes, parks or in front of bars with a cold beer. Only a few will find their way to Privatclub, a small venue in a basement in Kreuzberg…