About the artist:

My name is Helen – this is a pseudonym, because I would like to remain anonymous in this exhibition. I was born in the south of Russia and I am 25 years old.

I went to College to study Design and to University to become a Design teacher. I’ve been painting for more than 10 years. My work has been shown in local, regional and interregional exhibitions. I work in the style of expressionism and abstract expressionism.

About the artwork:

In carrying out my work, I look at the history and at existing works of art. The aim is to convey to the audience that all the people are united, despite their differences and peculiarities. We have always been different throughout the history of mankind. This is what we can learn from the works of Ancient Greece, the music of Tchaikovsky, the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva and other works of art that inspired me in my work. It is important to me to show that we are all one in the art, no matter how different we may be in life.

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