About the artist:

If a have to put myself in a box I would say: I am student of art, study photography in the Intermedia department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

If not, I am saying: Open minded human being who is fascinated by human behavior, sexuality, gender stereotypes and many other things which people do.
Flying between different medias like photography, performance, fashion design, video and installation.

I think I have a strong esthetic background which is supported by my emotions, moods and soul. People often think that what is dark is automatically negative or evil. I want to show the opposite. I believe that a strong dark spirit can give you lots of positive and beautiful energy and connect you to the light.

About the artwork:

The theme of gender is important to me. It is something that goes through my heart and penis.
I try to push the boundaries of my body, with my styling, my face and my behavior.
I am uncomfortable with social norms – especially in male fashion!!

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Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag


Website: jakubra.tumblr.com
Email: jakub.svoboda.photo [at] gmail . com



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