About the artwork:

My work is about the formation of female sexuality, freedom and violence – physical, sexual, psychological. Violence as a lack of freedom to be themselves as violent stereotypes. I used the media for personal belongings – clothes, lingerie.

For me it is important that in my works is a lot of corporeality. Corporeality as a manifestation of the unconscious. Abstract expressive strokes of paint is a manifestation of freedom, perhaps you will associate it of something else – blood or feces. It’s something like when a child wants to be dirty in the dirt or feces. They do not understand wether it is good or bad, they are only children and it is only creativity for for them.

About the artist:

I am an artist from Ukraine. Studied at the Art Studio and the School of Contemporary Art. I work in different techniques such as photo art, abstract painting, installation, and more. I had several personal exhibitions in Ukraine and Belarus. I prefer modern art. I like the work of other artists when they are bold and revolutionary. I think that art exists to expand the scope of our perception and get rid of prejudices and stereotypes.

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Oleksandra is interested in collaboration with curators, and those who can
help in promoting her work. You can find more of Oleksanda’s work here: turritopsis.jimdo.com/.

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