Mexico City


La Purísima is a gay club, with great DJ music, everyone dances all night long and you also have a mixed crowd, not all gay.



Same-sex sexual activity Yes

Legal since 1871 + UN decl. sign.
Recognition of same-sex unions Yes/No

Civil union in Mexico City (2007), Coahuila (2007), Colima (2013), Campeche (2013), Jalisco (2014) and Michoacán (TBD).
Same-sex marriage Yes/No

Legal in Mexico City (2010), Quintana Roo (2012), Coahuila (2014), Chihuahua (2015) and Guerrero (2015).
All states are obliged to honour same-sex marriages performed in states where it is legal. (Proposed nationwide). The Supreme Court has declared that it is unconstitutional to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples in all states, but as state constitutions were not invalidated, individual injunctions must still be obtained from the court.
Adoption by same-sex couples Yes/No

Explicitly legal in Mexico City (2010) and Coahuila (2014). Nationwide, married same-sex couples may adopt.
LGB allowed to serve openly in military? Yes/No

No explicit ban. However, LGB persons have been reportedly discharged on the grounds of “immorality”.
Anti-discrimination laws concerning sexual orientation Yes

Constitutional ban on all anti-gay discrimination.
Laws concerning gender identity/expression Yes

Transgender persons can change their legal gender and name in Mexico City since 2008. Mexico adopted a legal protocol for gender identity and sexual orientation in 2014 based upon constitutional provisions to equally protect the rights of all citizens.



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