PROP: “Something or someone that helps you to feel strong.” from longman

PROPS (SLANG): “From proper, as in “proper respect” or “proper recognition”. Respect for, or recognition of, another person; an expression of approval or a special acknowledgment; accolades; praise.” from wiktionary

PROPS (THEATRE): “Props […] are the details fleshing out the architecture to define the characters in the play, set the time period, complete the action needed within the structure of the play, and complete the “bridge” between the characters on stage and the reality of life objects.” from prop hand book

PROP LIST: “From the prop list the Properties Director plans what might be built, pulled from stock and possibly modified, borrowed from another theatre or from a store, or bought in whole or in part.” from prop hand book

props list wants to give credit where proper credit is due. Sign up and show your beautiful powers:

category I – skill sharing

You write, you sing, you’re a film maker, you make illustrations… – offer your skills for collaborations or just show what you are working on! Anything is possible!
share your skills

category II – accepting contributions/calls

You run a zine, a blog, a festival and would like for people to contact you and submit their work.
add your call

category III – multiplier

You work for media and you are looking for interesting and maybe niche things that you can report about – people can pitch their work to you.
who do you want to hear from?

category IV – local organizer/venue

Bands, singers, artists, performers,… can contact you if they’re coming to town and want to set up a show.
what do you do?

category V – events

You organize a regular event and want people to know about it and stop by when they are in town.
add your event

If you’ve created something and would like for other people to know about it, see if it fits into the call for OUR_STORY. For example you published a book that is relevant to TQU’s issues. Or you’ve made a film, that you want for people to watch. You have a song that tells your coming out/staying alive story,…

You want to be listed here, but none of the categories seem to fit? Get in touch and we’ll figure something out!


TQU is here to challenge racism, sexism, classism and all other forms of oppression. In order to set up a page here you should have acknowledged that these things exist and that they kill people. Especially if you’re white and/or cis: be respectful, be kind and be willing to learn.

Also: Don’t ever expect that people do things for you for free. Be open about your intentions, ask, negotiate fairly and respect a no.

why props list?

The idea of props list is to create an alternative to personal profiles by setting up more action related pages to make it easier to form temporary coalitions.

You don’t always want to give your whole self, but you want share a skill or something you’re working on anyway?

You don’t always want to make a big fuzz about yourself, but you are creative and/or skilled in something specific?

Or maybe you would just like to work with other LGBT*IQ people without being able to be out where you come from? Here you can share your skills without revealing your identity.

Whatever the reason:

yay! let’s make things happen

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