About the artist:

I was born and raised in São Paulo. In 2002 while studying Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo, I felt the need to relate to the city through art. I found in graffiti and collages an effective and transgressive way to live the city. In 2007 I moved to Paris to start a masters degree in Fine Arts at the Université Paris VIII. Since then I have integrated the local street art scene.

About the artwork:

My latest series, inspired by the Drag Queen culture is a response to the rise of conservative manifestations against the equality of rights in France and abroad. These hybrid (feminine/masculine) characters bring up the political debate over gender issues. I currently live between Paris and São Paulo where I develop my work in the streets, art galleries, cultural centers and every environment open to the debate of urban diversity.

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Licencia Creative Commons


I am open to collaborations with artists from different fields, such as street art, performance, video, illustration…

Please visit my website for more information: www.suriani-art.com



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