Interview with FELGTB

​Interview about #TheGalleryProject on FELGTB “#TheGalleryProject is a transnational repository of queer art open to everyone. Collages, comics, paintings, photographs, performances and installations –among other formats– participate in such an open project that seeks to...


Interview about #TheGalleryProject on LuluFM

Interview about #TheGalleryProject on LuluFM Kunst verbindet – und das weltweit. Wir stellen euch heute Nachmittag das Projekt Transnational Queer Underground vor. Ab 16 Uhr, mit Cathrin, live bei lulu.fm. Source: lulu.fm/

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Stichting Quast – GLIMP!

Announcement in: Stichting Quast – GLIMP! Glimp! is a free, monthly e-bulletin about queer art. It is edited by the foundation for queer art, in short Quast. Glimp! brings you interesting bits of news...


NoStrings Nigeria

Transnational Queer Underground: Call for Queer Art Transnational Queer Underground is currently open to accept queer art materials from queer people from all over the world for its gallery project… Source: nostringsng.com/queer-underground-calls-art/


Fair Planet

Help changing history written by white men | FAIRPLANET.ORG | Read, Debate: Engage. “If you want to help TQU develop further and make sure that independent platforms, magazines and as such continue existing and...


couch fm

Queer Music – Couch FM Vom Mainstream zum Underground – und zurück Queere Musik ist kein neues Phänomen. In den 70er Jahren war queere Musik mit David Bowie und Boy George sogar ziemlich mainstreamtauglich. Ende...