Where? Raamatupood Puänt Pärnu mnt 4, Tallinn, Estonia
Open:  Monday-Friday: 11am – 7pm and Saturday+Sunday 12am – 6pm

Click on the image above or here to download or view the catalog of the exhibition as a pdf.

What some of the visitors said about the exhibition:

“The TQU workshop and exhibition in Tallinn was an eye-opening way of seeing new art (some of it from artists who had never exhibited in a gallery before or who used pseudonyms to avoid persecution in their home countries), imagining queer utopias, and understanding the diverse realities of queer and trans people around the world, especially in non-western settings. The first piece that caught my eye because of its pretty colors ended up being a memorial to the Armenian genocide, which was a bittersweet thing to find out, and I read some really lovely comics.”

The piece mentioned above is by Kamee Abrahamian. This is the story behind the image:
KnowledgeMy great-great grandmother was working the cotton fields of Adana (Western Armenia) with her mother-in-law, when she went into labour. Her mother-in-law tore off a piece of fabric from the bottom of her own skirt to wrap the baby with, after she was born on a small patch of grass under a big, beautiful tree. The baby, my great-grandmother, survived the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and fled to Beirut. She grew up to be very studious. Her name was Makrouhi. When she was 12 years old, her father told her that she could not attend school anymore because they did not have enough money. When Makrouhi’s teacher heard of the news, she went to visit her family to convince them not to take her out of school because she was such a great student; and, because she loved school more than anything else. Determined, Makrouhi’s teacher made special arrangements with administration to have her do a work-study trade. My great-grandmother Makrouhi would wake up just before sunrise and walk to school before her fellow classmates arrived – to sweep the classrooms and wash the desks. After she graduated, she became a teacher. This photograph was taken in 1933, eighteen years after the genocide.

Participating artists:

Alex Giegold GERMANY #photography
Alex Highet GERMANY, SCOTLAND, N. IRELAND #collages
Ambika Thompson CANADA, GERMANY #photography
Aneta Willertová CZECH REPUBLIC #mixed media
Avital Yomdin GERMAY, ISRAEL #drawing
Axthropix SINGAPORE, GERMANY #photography
Blame201 FRANCE #collages
Dana Krusche GERMANY #drawing #illustration
Deborah Schmidt GERMANY #painting
Dion Hitchings USA #mixed media
Felix d’Eon MEXICO, USA #drawing
Frances Enyedy CANADA, GERMANY #drawing #painting
Giegold & Weiß GERMANY #mixed media #installation
Glow Makatsi LESOTHO, SOUTH AFRICA #performance #photography
Hagra RUSSIA #drawing #illustration
Helen RUSSIA #painting
Hilde Atalanta NETHERLANDS #illustration #painting
Ihar Paulau BELARUS #photography
Jakub Ra Svoboda CZECH REPUBLIC #photography
Jane Flett GERMANY, SCOTLAND #collages
Jespa Jacob Smith CANADA, GERMANY #drawing #painting #video
Kamee Abrahamian CANADA #mixed media
LB USA #painting
Lea Daniel RUSSIA #illustration
Lekouzinthomas FRANCE, GERMANY #drawing
Lita Poliakova FINLAND, GERMANY #collages
Lusi Lu CZECH REPUBLIC, PERU #drawing #photo-colorization
Megan Potoma USA #collages
Melanie Menard FRANCE,UNITED KINGDOM #photography #video #performance
Musa Al-Shadeedi IRAQ, JORDAN #collages #photography
Narong Tintamusik USA #drawing #painting
Nidal Jalouk SAUDI ARABIA, SYRIA #mixed media
Oleksandra Lychak UKRAINE #drawing
Renaud Héléna FRANCE, GERMANY #drawing
Satadru INDIA, SOUTH KOREA #multidisciplinary
Sofia Odintsova RUSSIA #drawing #illustration
Suriani BRAZIL, FRANCE, USA #street art
Tim & Candra INDONESIA #photography
Tom Moore GERMANY,UK #comics
Umba RUSSIA #drawing #comics
Violetta Fitsner RUSSIA #drawing
Yuka Kuznetsova RUSSIA, UKRAINE #photography



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  1. March 27, 2017

    […] Transform continues its roll of touring with the ‘physical exhibition’ of online project Transnational Queer Underground. The first exhibition was hosted in Tallinn, Estonia, and TQU are looking for host […]

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