About the artist:

Alex has been making collages as prizes for monthly open-mic Uke Boogie (now in Berlin, Edinburgh and Sligo) for many years, and realised in 2015 it’s time to take it as very serious fun. He has been massaging human bodies professionally for the same amount of time. His musical project, We’re Only Made Of Snow, released an self-titled EP this year, and can be found doing solo and full band shows regularly in Berlin. Alex hasn’t won any awards, but regularly rewards himself gold stars for successes such as leaving the house or flirting with hot peoples.

About the artwork:

This collection “uppercut/papercut – title withheld” of collages is presented without the title of the piece, and is a selection of works that contain no text within the pieces.

When making an artwork, an artist has to resign their selves to the fact that they have no or little control over how a piece is interpreted. By giving words within or alongside a piece, the intent can be clarified to a degree.

As an experiment, I want to offer these works simply to be taken in their visual form so people can have more freedom to consider them on their own terms.

This series of works tells many different stories, generally landing at ‘queer feminist humour’. The individual images seem to want to find each other, and do in time, to make a complete work. There is rarely an intention at the beginning of each piece, but as complementary and contrasting images begin to sit with each other, a question can emerge. The final result is usually catalysed by a phrase, poem or lyric…but not in this case.

If you would like to see more works and the titles that lay alongside these works, you can see a more full collection on

Click on the images to see them in large and to leave a comment!


MUSIC – www.wereonlymadeofsnow.bandcamp.com
MASSAGE – www.themassagecorner.wordpress.com
OPEN MIC – www.facebook.com/ukeboogieberlin

You can also order Alex’s EP at the TQU shop.



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