About the artist:

I started reading newspaper comics when I was little. I am dyslexic and like things which are short and punchy. I love how this kind of imagery becomes monumental in Pop Art. Although things have gotten mixed up for me now and I can’t help but see the grandness in Snoopy and the cuteness in Warhol.

About the artwork:

I have a pretty scattered art practice, based in drawing but stretching into books, films, music and all manner other things. I started making comics on a dare with myself. There is a Poem A Day challenge that lots of writers take up over April every year. This year I decide to do a four panel newspaper strip every day. It didn’t occur to me that, I had dared myself into a full time job. Some came out strange. Some came out very abstract. Some came out with more obscure references than is really polite. Some even came out good.

You can find more of Tom’s works on their website.

Click on the comics to view them bigger and to comment on them!

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