About the artist:

Umba – this is the place-name in the area in which I grew up, and even a reduction of my name. Under this name I post online my trans and queer work. My name is Karl M. I am a trans man in a homosexual partnership with a trans man, and self-taught artist. Also I am a volunteer of T-Action program (Russia, St. Petersburg), which trans people carry out for trans people. In T-Action I coordinate a project on HIV-prevention among trans people.

About the artwork:

In my artworks I talk about trans dignity, trans pride and trans rage. And just about these different things that are so familiar for trans people. About identity, expression and sexuality of trans persons and their bodies. Yet there is little jokes. Humor is a good reason to be together. We share common memes, we have our distinctive experience and our specific challenges, so let’s stand united.

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You can find more of Umba’s work here: vk.com/gaily_stripfacebook.com/gailystrip, and callmeumba.tumblr.com



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