About the artwork:

I want to express my feelings about different types of discrimination through my artworks. We live in the world where people judge each other because of their differences. If you are gay or you have black skin or something else people will tell you that you are not «normal». I think being a racist is not normal. Being a homophobe is not normal. Hating people because they don’t look like you is not normal. Also you shouldn’t be ashamed about who you are. Don’t change. Being the way that you are is enough.

In my pictures you can see kissing guys, lesbians, «fat» ballerinas and all of them are «normal».

About the artist:

I am Russian student who studied law at Baltic Federal University of I. Kant, Kaliningrad.

I have been drawing almost all my life. When I was sixteen I finished art school and stopped drawing. I wanted to be a lawyer to fight for justice and protect people’s rights.

I went to Iceland and worked there as a volunteer three years ago. One day I came to the glacier (it was hundred of thousand years old) and I found out that my daily problems was nothing. That glacier was faced with millions of people with their stories and problems. All of them died but the glacier stayed there. So I understood I should spend my life for something special and I want to love it as well.

I always cared about freedom and equality. I decided to mix drawing and my thoughts about discrimination. That’s why I started drawing my pictures about problems like racism, sexism, homophobia etc. I believe art is one of the ways how people can change the world.

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You can see more of Violetta’s work on instagram: You can find more of Oleksanda’s work here: instagram.com/korolevstvoluni/.



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