7 Signs You Should See a Therapist by Anna Geary-Meyer

When a rainbow speaks you in the face

do not tell it to be silent. These things

are dumb luck on a high horse & one day

your cup will be full of fish again. Good

fish don’t only speak in riddles — some

swim. Only cut the cast when the cast

is very broken. Only buy a boat when you

see the faces on shore & have the hands

to wave. This is the word of the Gourd. A

man-sized beast is hidden in the reeds, but

he is only looking for his watermelon.

photo by Anna Geary-Meyer

Anna Geary-Meyer lives in Berlin. Her fiction and poetry can be found around the internet at Unbroken Journal, the Olentangy Review, and CHEAP POP Lit. She was a finalist in the 2017 Bath Flash Fiction Award and in The Reader Berlin’s Summer Short Fiction Competition. She organizes and hosts Queer Stories at Another Country Bookshop and her backyard is a cemetery.