Ambika Thompson is part of #TheGalleryProject. #TheGalleryProject includes artworks from 47 artists from 27 different countries. Each work reflects a unique perspective and as a whole, the exhibition series refuses to present a standardized narrative. Rather, it becomes clear that being queer means something different to each artist, whether sexually, politically, or aesthetically.

Each artist represented in the exhibition has developed their own strategies for coping with their lived realities and addressing (or not addressing) them in their art. The works displays sex, fragility, anger, courage, hope, nihilism, strength, fear, and beauty.

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About the artist:

Ambika came to Berlin from Toronto in 2003. Since then she’s played in a lot of bands, ran an underground art gallery, written a lot of fiction, and taken a lot of photos. Most of her time these days is spent writing happy queer novels set in the 1980s, being one half of the riot grrrl cello band Razor Cunts, and being the fiction editor of Leopardskin and Limes. When she’s not doing those things she’s usually covered in cats reading a book or trying new vegan recipes that rarely ever seem to work out.

About the artwork:

I only started really getting into photography when I moved to Berlin. For a few years I only worked with analogue, collecting cheap cameras from wherever I could. I’m a very huge fan of Nan Goldin and Diane Arbus and portraiture. There’s something very magical about catching a person in a snapshot of time, trying to encapsulate as much of that person as you can, or as you see them, or as how they want to be seen. It can be a very intimate experience.

These photos here are part of a series of portraits I started a few years ago. I didn’t really have a goal with them. I just wanted to take photos of people that I had met in Berlin.

I spend a lot of time immersed in the horribleness of the things that happen in the world, as probably a lot of us are. Photography helps me see the beauty. That’s what I want to capture when I take photos.

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You can contact Ambika and see more of her work here: ambikathompson.com.