Avital Yomdin is part of #TheGalleryProject. #TheGalleryProject includes artworks from 47 artists from 27 different countries. Each work reflects a unique perspective and as a whole, the exhibition series refuses to present a standardized narrative. Rather, it becomes clear that being queer means something different to each artist, whether sexually, politically, or aesthetically.

Each artist represented in the exhibition has developed their own strategies for coping with their lived realities and addressing (or not addressing) them in their art. The works displays sex, fragility, anger, courage, hope, nihilism, strength, fear, and beauty.

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About the artist + artwork:

Avital Yomdin moved to Berlin from Tel Aviv six years ago. (Two locations of infamous boarders.) Realising quickly Tel Aviv is not the metropolis she thought it was, she started to make her way in the big city for the frst time in her life. It was overwhelming. Chaos.

Realising chaos is a given, at the same time also wanting to create it, I started exploding ink containers on paper. Ink spots were created in a uncontrolled fashion. My own little big band. I started to outline the drops and smudges created. This gave me a sense of order and control. Through the closer inspection I could see the beauty and calmness of the details. The spots became smaller and the pens thiner until there was nothing left to defne. At this point the drops were so small that a border obliterated them.

This micro practice tries to achieve a sense of order and control through drawing lines, same as people have been doing for centuries. It gave me an insight to the ambiguous nature of creating borders and defnition. There is always a deeper level where the line is not clear. In the end there is no border between paint and paper. Any attempt to out line it changes it, “straightens” it to ft some external notion of comfort.

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