TRANSNATIONAL QUEER UNDERGROUND is a registered NGO in Germany (learn more) with a transnational membership programme. Membership is open to everyone who shares our vision and wants to support our mission.

Our members are activists, artists, musicians, citizens, civil society organisations and grassroots initiatives who are actively supporting equal rights for all.

Together, we are the Transnational Queer Underground, a place to make meaningful connections and establish support and exchange across borders and beyond physical limitations.

As a member you

get one vote online every year to decide on the strategic goals of Transnational Queer Underground for the year, approve the composition of the board and elect representatives to the board and to approve Transnational Queer Undergrounds accounts.

stay connected with other membersreceive the TQU newsletter and membership updates from TQU. You get to learn more about opportunities to engage with us and with other members (call for applications, call for petitions, invitations to events, etc.)

may share information about activities and events you believe should be shared with the network, through our newsletter and our website, in coordination with staff.

are invited to write articles to be published on

Any questions? Let us know.

Become a member

Read vision & mission.


Transnational Queer Underground brings together and supports diverse queer voices. Art, music, film, writing or activism – we believe that we’re all in this together and we can only grow strong if we support each other.

If you find joy and value here – let us know.

Donating = Loving

Make a donation so that we can continue to find and publish the most interesting queer perspectives for you.

Support queer art & activism ❤︎

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