For Groups & Organisations

We know how hard you work to make this world a better place.
Which is why we want to make your life easier.

We want to make sure that more people know about your achievements and projects. Send us a link to a great thing you did, a program you’re starting, a question you have, or, if you’re looking for partners for a certain project, you can send us that, too. Just send us your link and we’ll share it on your behalf. Use our network to connect with others.

Over the course of this year we will also set up a membership platform with a lot of materials to support your work. As a partner you will have special access to resources that help you run your organization and make your day to day work easier.

Want to learn how to deal with online harassment?
Or how to use social media effectively for your organization?
We got you.

All we ask in return is that you share a message from us in your social networks once in a while and tell others about TQU when it is relevant. And don’t worry, we won’t ever ask you to share something that you don’t agree with. There is no obligation, you should only share our posts if you believe that your audience will benefit from them.

We would also like to interview you, so we can introduce you to everyone else.

Want to become a partner? Fill in the form below.

For Media

Do you like what TQU is doing and want to support our work? Great!
If you sign up as a media partner, we’ll send you an email every now and then to let you know what we’re up to. If that sounds interesting to you, we’d be very happy if you wrote something about it.

We will also send you a couple of questions to find out what topics you are most interested in, so that we can send you the right information and don’t have to bore you with things that are not relevant to you.

Want to become a partner? Fill in the form below.

For Businesses

We would love to partner with more businesses. We are new in this field, so just talk to us if you have something special in mind.

What we are looking for especially:
– We organize regular photo competitions and are always looking for prizes for those.
– We write reviews.
– We would love to have new computers, cameras and office equipment of all sorts. Any leads welcome.

We especially like promoting queer run and queer supporting shops, publishers, labels, etc.
Just get in touch!

Note that we will always mark promoted content.

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