Hi, I’m Verena, the founder of TQU.

I was born in the suburbs of Hamburg, Germany in 1980. Today I live in Berlin, Germany work as a freelance web designer and journalist and try to keep up some kind of positive attitude in this crazy world.

I dj every now and then and I have a weekly radio show in German. I also have a very cute dog and lots of amazing friends and family.


Why did I start TQU?

From the moment I spoke enough English to communicate, I started looking for pen pals. The first one was from Sweden, then came more: from Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Haiti, Lithuania, Ethiopia, Yemen, Israel, Czech Republic and many other places. We would exchange pictures from magazines, mixtapes, photos of ourselves and our families and share our lives and interests.

That was way before the internet and Social Media were widely accessible, but it was a great way for me to learn about other realities. I’m still in contact with a few of the people I was writing with when I was 13 or 14 and also met some of them in person over the years. I lived in Ukraine for two years and have traveled whenever I had the opportunity to do so. I met with activists from around the world. And I really enjoy living in Berlin because it gives me the opportunity to meet creative people from all around the world without having to leave my dog behind too often.

When I started attending university I was surprised by the lack of knowledge people had about the rest of the world, the eurocentricity of the curriculum and the disregard for everything non-western. Unfortunately academics is not the only place this is happening… It’s something I find deeply disturbing and one of the main reasons I started and keep up TQU.

I honestly believe that we need to listen to one another and learn from and support each other, if we want to move to more peaceful times.

I hate hate, am always in favor of the right for each and every person to make their own decisions without being judged and like looking for reasons why people act in certain ways. I have not yet given up hope that we actually can create a more equal society and abolish racism and sexism. And I think that everybody can do something for that and that we should consider our strength and weaknesses and find our own ways of doing so. All forms of protest are valid.

I don’t always identify as a woman. I’m usually more attracted to people that have a feminin side to them. If asked, I usually say that I’m a lesbian.

I love everything d.i.y., sharing knowledge and bringing people together.

TQU somehow combines all of these things.

Berlin, March 2017