BENEVOLENT WINGED ANGEL by Aabbchot aabbaadd Aabbswallow

Aaabbchot Aabbaadd Aabbswallow,
tall body hair free callow,
dreaming again of being naked,
exploring gorgeous creature,
soon both slaked,
in nurturing super bright light,
feeling sublime everything right,
trying to recover seraphic flight,
in mornings banishing daylight.

Daytime depth of disappointment,
bringing emotional flounder,
clawing for somewhere sounder,
can’t accept waking life,
being like this,
want to be touched, kissed,
continuing feeling of bliss,
being natural persist,
into lifes turbulent future mist.

Light saturating warm legitimising,
like high benevolent winged Angel smiling,
on me unfamiliar surprising,
feeling serene energising,
reawakening me so,
can’t let it go,
knowing life without a low blow.

Winged Angel

photo by Guille Pozzi

Aabbchot aabbaadd Aabbswallow is an Australian Queer man. Lived and worked all over. Flown around the globe. Recently moved 800 kms north to coastal border New South Wales / Queensland. Live at the river 2 kms from ocean beaches. Getting to know local beaches, rivers, creeks, mountains, valleys, Artist and Artisans Markets and people. Would like to learn to sail. Like most intelligent culture and social engagement. Write short stories, poems, polemics when stimulated. Appreciate friendly articulate constructive critiques. Contact welcome.