media multipliers – these are people or media outlets that might be able to help you spread the word about your project.
Would you like to be listed here? Add your ad now. To find out more about PROPS LIST click here. Media multipliers is for you if people can pitch their ideas, projects or work to you, because you are looking for interesting things to report about and want to elevate and support queer artists.
If you are looking for something in a specific place, please go to explore the world, and find the place that you are looking for.


Where? Northern America – USA
What? Podcast
Looking for: Music – all genres and geographic regions accepted.


Travels of Adam

Where? Europe – Germany – Berlin
What? Blog
Looking for: The queer, the stylish, the straight, the millennials.



Where? Europe – Germany – Berlin
What? Magazine
Looking for: lesbian singer/songwriters, authors, celebrities, sportswomen, artists & we focus on political, feminist issues and topics like lesbian relationships.


Gay Pages

Where? Africa – South Africa – Johannesburg
What? Magazine
Looking for: Lifestyle, Culture, Events



Where? Europe – Germany – Göttingen
What? Radio Show
Looking for: Music to play on the radio show.


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