Photo Competition Climate Crisis Submission - Plastic Ocean

I conceived this oddly poetic sense of the world’s slow demise when travelling to Trieste, Italy some years ago.
The array of seats installed for a cultural event, their striking blue colour, the rythm, the pacing – shapes.
It all evoked images of the ocean, so very nearby. Plastic matter and the sea, as we are well aware of these days, pose a strong contrast,
as the artificial human creation is an imminent threat to its wildlife and flora, reefs and ecosystemic balance.

My statement with these works is how we, humanity, have naturalised the use of plastic in our daily lives, even if it is anything but that.
I hope for a de-poetic view on this material, a stop in romanticising its dangers – and that of many other human-made artificial products.
We are not only what we create. We are the resources we are given and from which we derive sustainability.
The way we coexist with this fragile ecosystem; how we should preserve it at any cost.