Dark Juices by Nyar Afrika
short story

“Jaliya Hotel. Room 10. Be there by 9 pm.”

This email is straight to the point. There is no name and address yet I already know who it is.

It’s my first time soliciting the services of an escort company and to be honest, I am a little bit bothered. Okay, not that bothered, but still… I am bothered.

Back to my anonymous message.

The prospect of getting laid sends chills down my body. Exhilaration dances through me. I miss the touch of a woman so much that I am on the brink of insanity.

Just kidding.

Entering my kitchen to pour myself a drink, I get lost in my thoughts.

To be honest, I have been mentally preparing myself for this day since my ‘lover’ and I last talked yet here I am, having butterflies on the D day.


It’s ten in the morning yet my body is already on fire.

My mind plays, for the umpteenth time this week, the conversations we’ve been having for the past three months and my womanly core throbs in anticipation. It’s ten in the morning yet my body is already on fire.

I hurriedly rummage through my wardrobe, looking for what I will wear tonight. “It has to be kinky and very sexy.” I muse to myself, a wicked smile playing on my lips.

I already know where Jaliya hotel is. All I am left with is to avail myself and have my ass up in the air by a quarter to nine.

The throbbing sensation in my cunt increases. I decide to take a shower to calm down my nerves.

I run a hot bath for myself. Grabbing my electric shaver from the stand, I rid my pubic area of any unwanted hairs, taking care not to leave any single strand untouched.

“I like them bald and naked,” she always tells me. I let out a light chuckle as I climb in the tub, sinking deeper, the scent of lavender engulfing me while the hot water loosens my tense muscles. Pure bliss.

I smile to myself as I think of how domineering my ‘lover’ is.

I smile to myself as I think of how domineering my ‘lover’ is. Being a submissive and all, I don’t mind being tied up and fucked until I beg for mercy. Okay. That sounds tacky but still, I love being helpless when I am with my ‘lover.’ It’s just a part of me that people don’t seem to understand.

Slowly, I start scrubbing myself. My clit is on fire and I have been avoiding any contact with it today so I don’t understand how I accidentally end up brushing my it with my finger. A soft sound escapes me as an awesome sensation washes over me. “To hell with it.” I place one finger on my clit and start massaging it gently.

“This feels so good…”

I insert a finger in my pussy and ride on it.

One finger. Two fingers. Three fingers.

My orgasm is already building up. The faster I am fucking myself, the louder I am moaning. I scream in delight as my vagina explodes into a million different sensations. I collapse back into the water, basking in the glory of my orgasm, too weak to move. After what seems like an eternity, I begin washing myself as I wait for 9 pm.

8:40 pm.

This room is dark. I close the door behind me and set my bag on the table. I hesitantly strip my clothes off, remaining completely naked. My hands tremble slightly as I climb on the bed. I raise my bottom as requested, taking great care to position my ass up in the air, exposing my cunt completely. These sheets are cold on my skin and my nipples instantly harden. I am anxious since I don’t know what to expect. In the darkness, the only sounds I hear are of vehicles honking in a distance and that of my heart beating in my chest. Twenty minutes of being in this position, I begin feeling awkward, already questioning the essence of doing all this. I know I look stupid but I try to be more patient.

“It’s all for a good cause,” I console myself, and it actually sounds pathetic.

“Two minutes late.”

A voice from a corner in the room startles me, almost making me jump out of bed.

“W..w..what?” I stammer.

“I said, you are two minutes late, Butchi.” This voice is calm. Unnaturally calm.

I try to raise my face so as to see where this voice is coming from but then again, I am requested to stay still.

Wow! Talk about domineering.

Out of nowhere, a tongue licks my pussy from slit to slit.

Out of nowhere, a tongue licks my pussy from slit to slit. This tongue teases my clitoris, drawing a soft whimper from me. A hand parts open my pussy lips before hungrily sucking on my honey pot like their very life depends on it. I moan louder. I try to reach out and touch her but the mysterious voice stops me.

“No touching Butchi.”

I sit and begin riding her face , my pussy juices drenching her. Another mouth descends on mine and starts kissing me passionately. Another hand squeezes my nipples as our tongues tangle, drawing heavy breaths out of each other. We continue to kiss while my pussy is assaulted by nibs here and there.

This is heaven!

“You are beautiful.” That voice whispers from behind my ear. The voice that has been addressing me all along. I moan into this girl’s mouth as another one starts giving me little kisses on my neck.

“Oh my! How many are you?”

I think to myself, excitement coursing through me. It has always been my wildest fantasy to be part of an orgy and damn! I can’t help but feel lucky. This third girl takes a nipple in her mouth and sucks on it while another one straddles me, torturing my clit by rubbing on it oh so slowly. I break our kiss and bite into the other girl’s shoulder to suppress a moan.

I am instructed to bend on all fours and start eating another anonymous pussy. I gladly oblige and start teasing her with my tongue, gently biting on her clit while stroking her with my fingers. Her moans are soft and feminine and they are turning on the beast in me like crazy. Another girl sits on her face and rides her while I eat her out. The girl with the mysterious voice already has a dildo strapped on her is teasing my pussy entrance with it. In one swift move, she penetrates me at once, stretching out my cunt to the hilt.

I scream into this girl’s pussy as the girl with the mysterious voice begins to fuck me slowly, her thrusts increasing with every moan of mine. “Fuck! Yes!” I urge her. Both of us are moaning together and it’s sexy as hell.

The other girl is groaning loudly, obviously nearing her orgasm. She rides the girl eating her out’s face like its her last.

This is so good. I have never had my cunt fucked this good. My moans are broken and defeated. Girl number one orgasms, squirting all over my face. Girl number two orgasms at the same time. They both scream in unison and remain that way for what seems like an eternity before exchanging vaginal juices through a kiss. My vagina is stretched out to the maximum and this enormous dildo hitting my cervix. I am made to sit on the girl with a mysterious voice’s lap as I continue to ride her dildo in a sitting position.

“She is really good at this,” I think, my own orgasm building up.

“She is really good at this,” I think, my own orgasm building up. My cunt begins spasming and in that minute, I am having one of the most mind-blowing orgasms I’ve ever had. I squirt all over the place while bucking around like a young foal. I grab a fistful of sheets. This pleasure is so overwhelming and so unbearable.

“Say you are a slut,” the girl with the mysterious voice whispers in my ear.

“Mmmh,” I moan in agreement while while taking her lips in mine.

“Say it. Say you are my slut.” Her voice is firm this time.

“I… I.. I am your slut.” I bite on her lower lip in response.

I am too spent to talk. We all lie on the bed, too tired to even have post-coital chit chat. The girl with the mysterious voice throws an arm around me and whispers, “You are amazing. Next time, it’s my treat.”

“Yes. Thank you,” I whisper back before falling asleep with a stupid smile on my face…

“I can’t believe this!”

I pry one eye open just in time to see my roommate Achola throw a pillow my way.

“I can’t believe this! If you are this horny, go find somebody to give it to you good. Find somebody and stop making noise for me every night with your stupid moaning. Nyako!”
Her words are laced with a heavy luo accent.

“Oh no! What did I do?” I ask, embarrassment washing over me.

“whAt dId I dO?”

She mimics me before shaking her head in disgust and leaving, taking great care to bang the door behind her.

Uh-oh, there goes my saved holier than thou roommate.

I fall back on my pillow. I rub my temples in frustration.

I fall back on my pillow. I rub my temples in frustration.

“How can this happen to me?” I complain to no one in particular.

“This is so unfair… So unfair.”

First of all, I can’t afford escort services. Two, I am a broke student surviving on student loans and three, my girlfriend just left my pathetic self. Yesterday to be exact.

My dearest readers,

It was all but a dream. ?

illustration by Lekouzinthomas

Story by Nyar Afrika is a radical feminist. Human rights defender. Activist. Writer. QUEER NON CONFORMIST. BLACK GIRL MAGIC.

Illustration by Lekouzinthomas. Lekouzinthomas was born in 1982, in Lure, France. He has a mother, a father, a big brother, a big sister, a sister in law, 3 nieces. Always liked to draw. Changed home five times from the age of 0 to 15 due to his dad’s work. Finished Graphic Design public school in 2002 and became a driving license / voting card owner in Marseille, South of France. Worked for a salary as a junior graphic-designer for two years. Left the communication professional field, looking for my graphic freedom.