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Introducing: DeCompany Studio

Freelance Documentary Film Studio

DeCompany Studio is a young documentary film company in Thailand. We’re currently working on a documentary film about LGBT people in Africa. As a production company we want to share the stories of LGBT People in Africa (their difficulties and challenges) with the rest of the world.

We believe that LGBTIQs have the right to live their lives freely but most of the times, they come across a lot of discrimination and persecution from their family members, friends, and even from their government officials. This kind of homophobic attitude is very common in the African continent. That is why we believe that more awareness is needed to safe LGBTIQ from persecution.

I am Kelly Jackson an African Film Maker living in Bangkok – Thailand. I love the notion of story telling through visual images. Making movies is more than just a career, it is a passion. ​

Looking for:

Sponsorship – DeCompany Studio hopes to get some sponsorship for this project. We want to make this documentary production in to a Documentary Series whereby we travel from one country to another within the Africa Continent and gather stories of LGBT People. They deserve to have their voices heard and their human rights respected by others.

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DeCompany Studio

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