a lake, a sea so far by e. c. schuster

a lake, a sea so far
my heart, a steady beat
the rhythm drum-beat clear
invites the cherished view
a palace from a dream
my love in golden hue
and i, so close, so near
oh goddess, let them meet

a river rushing fast
the tide is coming in
barefooted treads my love
on dew-drop sinking moss
the leaves break light on skin
a dancing velvet gloss
you guarding nymphs, preserve
this moment paper-thin

a wood in mountains blue
two trees, roots grasping ground
the dryads’ hands entwined
a hundred years from now
shall shade and comfort smooth
some battle-worried brow
rest here eternally
protected, safe and sound

illustration by E. C. Schuster

E. C. Schuster is a young, queer lesbian based in Germany. They are a student of English literature, an activist, and work as an academic researcher and freelance journalist. Most of their poetry is inspired by their partner, with whom they are in an international long-distance relationship.