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Introducing: Final Girls Berlin
Film Festival

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival showcases horror cinema that’s directed, written, or produced by women*. We are committed to creating space for female voices and visions, whether monstrous or heroic or some messy combination of the two, in the horror genre. We aim to work against representations of women as beautified victims and constructions of male fantasies or anxieties, and are working towards the primacy of women as subjects and storytellers in horror.

The festival took place in February and June of 2017 and is slated to take place again in February 2018. Follow us on facebook to find out about smaller screenings and events throughout the year.

**Our definition of women includes anyone with female experience–past or present– and is trans- and non-binary-inclusive. Anyone who feels addressed by the term is welcome to submit their films to the festival. **

depends on the event/location

disclaimer: TQU is here to challenge racism, sexism, classism and all other forms of oppression. In order to join you should have acknowledged that these things exist and that they kill people. Especially if you’re white and/or cis: be respectful, be kind and be willing to learn.
Also: Don’t ever expect that people do things for you for free. when interacting with other members be open about your intentions, ask, negotiate fairly and respect a no.
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