• Skills: writing, proofreading, story telling, decision making, mental health awareness
    Lucifuge Rofocale

    I want to help anyone who is looking for people who can help in terms of mental health.

    I come […]

  • Introducing: Queer Music 101
    intro workshop on queer musicology

    My name is Jake Bellissimo (they/them/Sie) – I’m an American musician and musicologist currently based in Berlin. In November, I will be […]

  • Concerts | Artist Talks | Panels | Workshops | Installations | Club Programme

    DICE Conference + Festival is an annual three-day event including live performances, workshops, panels, and lectures aiming to […]

  • Skills: Graphic design, photography, drag, writing
    Khookha McQueer

    Khookha McQueer is a Tunisian digital artist, performer, and genderqueer person. In their youth, Khookha came out as a gay man, using their […]

    Feminist resistances

    To mark the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women and as
    part of the project BUlgarian Diaspora Network Initiative (BUDNI), […]

  • Hosting: DIY shows
    Dada Bookings

    I’ve been booking DIY (sometimes hardcore, sometimes not) punk shows under different labels since 2015. I mostly host bands on their European tours & I can organize multiple […]

  • Whose Museum is an art collective currently presenting exhibitions at KRETS gallery in Malmö. The gallery is as an open and inclusive venue: functioning as a diner-themed curiosity cabinet in which to meet […]

  • Call for: sound submissions
    Whose Museum

    This summer Transnational Queer Underground went to Malmö, Sweden, to be part of a year-long exhibition project by the art collective/artists’ museum Whose Museum. To […]

  • Book Review

    By Stella Andrada Kasdovasili

    In ​Οum Kulthoum’s Sexuality, ​Musa Al-Shadeedi offers an interesting reflection on the sexuality of one of the most prominent singers of the Arab world, an artist […]

  • An Old Traditionby Juli Saragosa

    with illustrations by Lena Dirscherl

    our last kiss

    fumbling and strange

    in a spanish airport bathroom


    headed home to a new […]

  • Poem I don’t want to writeby aabbchot aabbaadd aabbswallow

    illustration by Jespa Jacob Smith

    I’m trapped in my silence, I don’t tell anyone about my alarm, I know why I am in this […]

  • Introducing: DeCompany Studio

    Freelance Documentary Film Studio

    DeCompany Studio is a young documentary film company in Thailand. We’re currently working on a documentary film about LGBT people in […]

  • I can’t quite remember how the first contact was established. Let’s say sometime last year I received an email from Laura, telling me and Tom or Judy, my flat mate and dear friend, about the Whose Museum and a […]

  • Photo Competition: Climate Crisis. Climate Change becomes more and more visible. And we are facing a real crisis. Some studies show that we have five years to make drastic changes, necessary changes, if we want […]

  • Hosting: singers & bands
    Queers To The Front Booking

    This is a DIY tour booking service by a transgender woman for all the women* and queers out there. I book and manage tours for female* and LGBTQIA+ […]

  • Verena wrote a new post, KAKYOProject 5 months ago

    Introducing: KAKYOproject

    lovely unique handmade craft & apparel available in Uganda and Kenya

    Kakyoproject is an East African based initiative that creatively advocates for self […]

  • Media Multiplier: PODCAST

    NAME: Queer Teen Podcast

    Queer Teen Podcast is showcasing and encouraging the next generation of Queer Youth from across the world to stand up for what’s right.

    LOOKING […]

  • Who’s fighting for the rights of the LGBT community in Asia and the pacific islands? Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) groups & organizations range from social and support groups to organizations that ar […]

  • To be or not to be… this has been my questionby Jocelyne Rigal

    I was born in Paris, but conceived in my mother’s hamlet. As a child, I travelled back and forth between my province of ori […]

  • Film Review

    By Stella Andrada Kasdovasili

    On January 25th, 2019, Dusan Makavejev, one of the most prominent figures in Yugoslavian film history – and one of my favourite directors —died at the age of 86. […]

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