About the artist:

I go by the name Glow, and I am 23 years old going through a midlife crisis. But trust me I still deliver like a midwife. lol.

I’m anthropology graduate with a psychology post-grad honours degree. I am incredibly passionate about transforming the world into a more inclusive space to live, for that would mean myself, along with many other gendered people can live in a safe world without prejudice, hate crimes rooted in senselessness.

My modes of transforming this world include fashion as a form of communication, a language wherein I can address issues of gender, identity, while simultaneously challenging other peoples conceptions of the term.

Another mode is through being hyper-visible, which sometimes put me in dangerous positions, but essentially I seek to reinforce the fact that non-binary, trans, pansexuals, all these selves that exist, which do not fit the ‘normal’ mold, are not going anywhere and are as worthy of a godly nature as any cisgender person.

About the artwork:

My pictures are all about representation, pushing through dated patriarchal binaries of existence, they are awkward and perfect, for perfection already exists in everything.

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Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag


You can contact Vusi at: cvmakatsi [at] gmail . com or find out more on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

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