homophobic poem no. 8 by T. M. Brown

Are Gay People Artistic Because They’re Gay Or Gay Because They’re Artistic?, Either Way It Seems A Strange

Conclusion To Reach And To Say The Least Over Simplistic. I Read Somewhere Once That All Great Poets Have A

Feminine Soul, As A Poet I Dismissed The Theory As Rubbish And Thought Whoever Put It Forward Was Just Talking

Through Their Hole. But I Would Take That Attitude Being A Working Class Man I Mean The Thoughts Of Having Any Part Of

Me Feminine, Even My Soul That’s Presuming That I Have One Put Me On The Defensive And Made Me Write More

Masculine . But That In Itself Was Self Defeating And My Poetry Suffered As A Result, I Began To Doubt My Ability My

Sanity And Even My Sexuality And I Gave Up Writing For A Whole Month!.

But I Don’t Know Why I’m Telling You This It Doesn’t Make Any Sense I Mean It’s Not Like I’m Gay Or I’ve Got A Feminine

Soul, But Even Lets Say Just For Argument Sake I Ever Had A Feminine Side To My Nature – I’ve Now Got It Well And


The End

illustration by Tom Moore

T. M. Brown is Irelands G.D.P. aka Irelands Gay Dyspraxic Poet. He has been writing poems since at least 1976. Where he grew up it was seen as “sissy” to write poems – so he used to get his poems printed in the local paper, but no one knew it was him that wrote them. He also draws and has always been creative. He has been a campaigner for missing persons and missing children. He never imagined that he would find the courage to come out – let alone to have a poem on such a site as this. He admires people who are not afraid to make a stand and he hopes that whatever our sexuality our common humanity will make us all better people.
P.S. all his poems are for his missing sister Ellen.

Tom Moore started reading newspaper comics when they were little. They are dyslexic and like things which are short and punchy. They love how this kind of imagery becomes monumental in Pop Art. Although things have gotten mixed up for them now and they can’t help but see the grandness in Snoopy and the cuteness in Warhol. Tom Moore is also part of #TheGalleryProject.