Imaging change


The last couple of months have been full of changes. Maybe you’re wearing a mask now to go shopping, maybe you can’t move as freely as you were used to, maybe you lost work, friends or relatives and maybe you found new perspectives as well. Maybe you’ve been on the streets to fight against injustice and racial discrimination.

TQU’s new photo competition invites you to reflect upon the changes you have encountered – good or bad – and to present them in a photo or a short photo series.

The topic is inspired by the current Covid-19 pandemic, but your submissions don’t have to be limited to the effects of that.

Futures – Utopia/Dystopia
Present – Inside/Outside

submission deadline

June 30th, 2020

Each winner will receive a special TQU Goody bag!

The goody bags each include some of TQU’s famous and limited hand printed stickers and patches, a catalogue from #TheGalleryProject, TQU pins and a hand printed T-Shirt and tote bag.

The first prize will win exclusive access to two courses by sounds true.

The audience prize is sponsored by Other Nature!


TQU will close it’s doors by the end of the year and this isour last photo competition. So it’s also your very last chance to win any of these prizes!

How it works

Choose your photo(s)

Take (an) original picture(s) or use one or more from your archive – make sure you have the rights to publish the picture(s). If there’s another person other than yourself in the pictures make sure you have written consent that you’re allowed to publish their picture. No nudes.

Write one or two sentences to explain why the submitted picture is relevant to the topic/why you chose the picture(s).

Submit your photos

Submit your picture(s) + short text, the place where the picture was taken and your name and age (if you want) via email or upload below.

(Only one submission per person allowed per category – the last submission will be counted)


All submissions will be released on the website for one week on the 6th of July 2020 for the public to vote for the winner(s) of the audience prize.

All winners will be announced on the 15th of July, 2020.


Photo Competition: imaging change

FUTURES: Dystopia/Utopia

What are your hopes or fears? Are you hopepunk or grimdark? What do you imagine our future, your future to look like?

You may submit one single photo or a photo series of up to 5 pictures.

present: inside/outside

What has changed in your home? What changed in your neighborhood? 

You may submit one single photo or a photo series of up to 5 pictures.

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