“Mariko could have stepped off the streets of London as she sashays into Kunga’s guest house, hips swaying, pout in place.

She has lips no money could buy, and a face so feminine you wonder how she could have been born a boy. “Oh when I was a kid I was always very feminine,” she tells me. “The way I played and danced, it was all like a girl. My friends used to tell me when you are 18 you will become a girl and now the same people say look, we were right!”

But it was not until June last year that Mariko became the woman and much-loved local celebrity she is today.”

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“Being a Tibetan is often be a lonely experience. We are often the minority our own town and usually surrounded by people of other ethnicities. Most Tibetans find themselves at home when they are around Tibetans in their close-knit Tibetan communities in different parts of the world. However, as a gay Tibetan I feel lonely even in such communities and I think most LGBT Tibetans probably share the same experience.

It would definitely make me feel lot better if I knew other LGBT Tibetans since they are also facing similar situations. Sharing our experiences and providing a helping hand to each other would be wonderful! But it is almost impossible to met an LGBT Tibetan in our community since almost everyone is closeted. So I created this website to share my own experience and connect LGBT Tibetans from around the world.”

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“When i was going through rough time, i’d watch Ellen and Mark & Ethan’s youtube videos and there they are, smiling, living life completely being themselves. Meanwhile, I was scared, i was flustered, and most of all, i was mad for being how i am. Making me different from the rest, i would curse God for not only making this way, but also putting me into the society where LGBT is never talked about.”

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