by Steffen & Verena

These Interviews were conducted in 2003/2004 as part of a research for a paper at the University of Göttingen | Germany on gender networks and music.

What do you do?

I play solo singing songs, playing banjo and keyboards, and programming my computer before and during the show….. currently exploring stand up comedy with computers.

Please describe your political ideology/standpoint.

hmmmm, don’t know how to answer this, except that i feel very strongly about certain things triggerred hopefully by my own gut intuition and analysis of situations and feelings…. and it’s strongly linked to the context of the situation and the people involved and i think its very important to allow for many multiple interpretations of any event or situation and to practice empathy and sympathy towards other peoples’ contexts and histories and motivations leading up to any event or situation… so that all reactions are valuable, possible, and acceptable… as long as they are honest… but what the fuck is honest…. all this said i also feel certain things in the world need to change, because they cause me internal pain and i see others suffering needlessly and that is unfortunate and power is dangerous and misused often and can spin out of control….

How does your political standpoint influence your music?

its absolutely confusing i think… because i don’t see any separation for my life and my music and my political opinion… so its hopefully all there… i try to approach creative stuff from a direct place somewhere inside my heart so i guess its no different than where my political opinions come from… i mean i don’t think of them as separated activities… its not like one fuels the other… they’re just all mixed up….

Is there an international network that you find important for your music?

friends and family… for sure!!!! people who i understand and people who understand me… friends of friends of friends of friends, people who listen and think and wonder… people who are open to hearing new stuff.

What do you think connects the members of this network?

eye contact… cell phones, concert listings, email, E.S.P., parties, words, sounds, smells, roads, sex, hugs, breathing, umbilical cords, time spent in the same place, shared memories, stories

Are you an active part of that network? In what way?

yes. because i try to be active in relationships, friendships, meaningful situations, and by putting effort into these networks i am a part of it…

In what way do you think globalization influences those international networks?

don’t know what kind of rate you are talking about – or globalization in terms if friendship networks is a bit of a weird approach, but i guess technology is aiding communication tremendously, with email and cell phones, people are actually maintaining closer friendships without needing to be physically in the same space… although being physically in the same space is still the most satisfying communication i’ve experienced.

Did you experience gender-related problems?

yeah, women don’t have as much power… in some ways they have more power… it’s always a generalization to talk about gender issues, so i generalize when i say this…. but

i’m shocked repeatedly at how many women are not willing speak up and think for themselves and how often they allow their male counterparts to make important decisions for them and think for them….

and that they are willing to stay in situations that are abusive and energy-sucking for fear of being alone or unsupported…. im sick of seeing women who are dependent on relationships and are not self-empowered and aren’t thinking for themselves… and it creates a pattern that i have to keep fighting because people assume ill be that way since i am a woman… what fresh air it is to find people who don’t assume this and give a respectful first impression, assuming each individual to have equal capability allow equal space to think and live and they listen… this is nice.

Interview by Steffen and Verena

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