About the artist:

Lee Fleming is a New Orleans-born genderqueer activist, academic, graphic designer, and multi-media artist.

Lee’s art centers on the celebration of black beauty, afro-textured hair, and queer blackness.

About the artwork:

Paintings included:
1.) Carefree Black Girl painting – Made with acrylic paint, construction paper, wood letters, metal chain, canvas.

2.) Black Girl Banner – A banner featuring small paintings of black girls with a variety of hairstyles. Made with acrylic paint, hemp string, and cork paper.

3.) Yarn Braids Girl – A painting depicting a black girl with
traditional yarn braids hairstyle. Made with acrylic paint, yarn,
aluminum foil, and canvas.

4.) Afro-Hair Worship Painting – A large painting with multiple black girls of various hair textures and skin tones. Made with canvas, acrylic paint, plastic, medal, ribbon, yarn, etc.

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You can find more of Lee’s work on etsy: BlackSugarCollective
You can contact Lee through the Etsy page or at ashleyfleming01 [at] gmail.com.