Who’s fighting for the rights of the LGBT community in Armenia? Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) groups & organizations range from social and support groups to organizations that are political in nature. Some groups are independent, some are more radical than others, some are aligned with other bigger umbrella or religious organizations.
Find out which organizations are working on Social Justice for LGBT people in Armenia.

LGBT Organizations Armenia:

Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO
Create safe space for LGBT people by promoting legal, psychological, social protection and well-being. Human rights violations of LGBT people can be witnessed in any sphere of social life. Degrading treatment, psychological and physical violence, denial of service provision and communication is the attitude they receive in their everyday life. With this mission we are aiming to achieve full protection of LGBT people in our society by creating safe space for the community, empowering the capabilities of LGBT individuals and community. It is also crucial to integrate LGBT community into society by means of lobbying the interests of the community, providing social, psychological, legal, and medical and other services and developing partnerships with governmental and non-governmental institutions both at national and international levels.

New Horizon Humanitarian NGO
The organization has developed structure with separate departments which provides instruments for the distributions of responsibilities to improve and to make effective work. There are departments of advocacy, harm reduction, management and financial management with their relevant staffs. Advocacy is one of the main directions of activities in the organization. Actually the whole staff is dealing with the human rights protection and advocacy as each program implemented by the organization has red line of human rights protection and advocacy. It is requirement of the organization that each department and each worker should be aware of any legislative development and legislative amendment, and any violation of human rights. The organization tries to express and response to any violation by active participation of public meetings, public council’s discussions, etc. The programs on Harm reduction is very, and the organization has experience of covering it, as HIV/AIDS prevention is one of the biggest and ongoing program of the organization.

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