by Steffen & Verena

These Interviews were conducted in 2003/2004 as part of a research for a paper at the University of Göttingen | Germany on gender networks and music.

What do you do?
yell my own lyrics.

Please describe your political ideology/standpoint?
queer anarchist.

Does your political standpoint influence your music?
my music is a vehicle for my political views. punkrock homohop is modern folk music

Is there an international network that you find important for your music?
punkrock queer anarchists

What do you think connects the members of this network?
the internet, cds, tours.

Are you an active part of that network? In what way?
we’ve toured Europe twice, played europride 2000 at a squat in rome

In what way do you think globalization influences those international networks?
the internet helps us cheaply communicate.

Did you experience gender-related problems?
i am more noticable at borders and by authorities in general based on my butch dyke punkrock appearance.

Interview by Steffen and Verena

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