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Call: The Bumblefly Effect

The Bumblefly Effect is a social media movement that combines mental health advocacy, activism, and the creative arts to spark conversations surrounding mental health stigma.

It focuses on the importance of self-advocacy and listening to those with lived experience. The goal is to shed light on the need for more representation in both mental health & creative communities by focusing on those most marginalised.
The Bumblefly Effect has contributing artists, musicians, and creatives from over 10 different countries sharing their journeys with their mental health, along with a creation that was inspired by their experience.

We hope that by normalising these conversations we can decrease suicide rates in all communities, educate professionals about the necessity of listening to lived experiences and how they differ across cultures and identities, and improve mental health care for all people.

We accept submissions from all creatives with lived experiences of mental illness.

Looking for
all mediums accepted (Blog coming soon, so writing submissions will be a bit delayed.)

disclaimer: TQU is here to challenge racism, sexism, classism and all other forms of oppression. In order to join you should have acknowledged that these things exist and that they kill people. Especially if you’re white and/or cis: be respectful, be kind and be willing to learn.
Also: Don’t ever expect that people do things for you for free. when interacting with other members be open about your intentions, ask, negotiate fairly and respect a no.
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