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Introducing: Megan Potoma
Collage || Mixed-Media || Feminist Art

Megan Potoma (they, their, them) is a queer artist and Philadelphia native. They recently completed her BA in Art Therapy at Converse College. As an aspiring art therapist, Potoma works in a variety of mediums with a strong focus on process. Their conceptual artwork explores significant themes relevant to their life. Many of Potoma’s works delve into LGBTQ issues, intersectional feminism, gender identity, societal pressure, sex, and views-of-self. With her artwork, Potoma intends to extinguish harmful stereotypes and pressures put on women and members of the queer community. Potoma hopes to create an opportunity for dialog about these issues and to create a safe space for self-expression. Megan Potoma currently lives in Philadelphia, PA and works as an activities aide, focusing on therapeutic arts.

My works are intimate responses to my need to express my identity as a queer person. I strive to demonstrate what it feels like to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community and the struggle to find your place in the world. As an aspiring art therapist, I strive to incorporate healing through self-expression while I create. By focusing on personally significant topics, I find solace in my works. To remain authentic, I choose materials that feel right and can facilitate specific therapeutic needs. This method allows me to experience catharsis and gain greater self-understanding. People often try to sweep the voices of LGBTQ+ individuals under the rug. Because of this, I continue to create an unapologetic body of work that addresses the narratives of LGBTQ+ people and self-acceptance.

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