My Queer Family by Ricky Allen

My queer famaily and I have come together from all different corners of the world to Mount Desert Island, off the coast of Maine.

After spending years struggling with mental illness, my gender identity, losing a pregnancy, and the aftermath of abuse, I never expected I would have found myself in this community of people we have somehow built. We all found each other at some point during our healing process, and we have become family.

We are aware the life we live is not glamorous, but we hope you can see the beauty in it we see.

Ricky Allen I am a documentary photographer, and I particularly have a fascination with communities that are queer, neuroatypical, rural, or often all the above. I often take pictures of my chosen family, the queer community my friends and I have built to support each other. I think that we are an important part of queer history.

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    Thank you Ricky!

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