About the artist:

I am NWarrior, I love art and my goal of life is to become good human.

I love to draw, and my art is a very huge part of my life. My art was with me in every phase of my path, and drawing is the most important instrument for me to learn about life and myself and, of course, to get to my goal.

About the artwork:

These pictures are based on my story “Fate Family”. This is the story about three characters, three adult people, who are in love with each other.

I wanted to show that love is something kind, something warm. Love is about trust, about caring, about understanding. Love is about respecting each other.

I love to draw things for this story, because there are so many scary, terrifying and negative things in this world, and I think that a lot of people (including myself) need something cute, kind and positive. So this is my way of bringing love to the people who need it!

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You can find more of NWarrior’s work on tumblr: nwarrior777.tumblr.com
NWarrior is interested in cooperations: I would love to be part of some feminist project which includes people from different places of the world! This sounds like a dream to me.

I don’t have much resources and powers, but if you would suggest something to me – I would be happy and will try my best!

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