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We are only as strong as we are together. If you would like to support TQU almost effortlessly – follow us on Social Media and share the posts that you like. We don’t have a big budget so we depend on people like you, who enjoy what TQU has to offer, to support us and to get the word out. On Facebook please make sure to click on See First in order to see our posts at all 🙂

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For 2019 we are looking to build a team of engaged volunteers to help with proofreading or who would like to illustrate some of our stories. There is room for bringing in your own ideas as well, e.g. writing reviews or articles, these require a bit more of your own initiative. So please tell us about your ideas.

If you are interested in volunteering, send us an email and tell us a bit about yourself and what your interests are.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

We would like to turn PROPSLIST into an app, nothing too fancy, just so people can upload their own content, maybe a calendar for events, and the possibility to write each other through the app. And we would like to send some automated messages, to keep people involved. If you or anyone you know can help us achieve this, please get in touch!

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We don’t like capitalism, but we like you. We’re happy to support queer run shops, publishers, labels, queer artists, musicians, etc.


If you’d like for us to review your book, film, album, invention, or you’d just like to say hi and see if we can find a way to work together – send us an email.

We don’t do promoted content (yet), but if we were, it would be marked. Please make a donation so that we don’t have to.

groups, organizations, activists,…

Same as above. We’re here for you and we’d like to support you. Let us know what you’re up to, so that we can spread the word or start working together.

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WeCanHelp works together with many companies in Germany. You can download an app for your browser, so whenever you shop online, book a flight, or order a ticket a percentage of what you pay goes to TQU or any organization you choose. Doesn’t cost you more than a couple of clicks and really supports our work. Just try it!

Do you like what you see? We put a lot of effort and love and into making TQU the platform that it is. If you find joy and value here – let us know. Donating = Loving Make a donation so that we can continue to find and publish the most interesting queer perspectives for you. Support queer art & activism. Support TQU ❤︎

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Transnational Queer Underground brings together and supports diverse queer voices. Art, music, film, writing or activism – we believe that we’re all in this together and we can only grow strong if we support each other.

If you find joy and value here – let us know.

Donating = Loving

Make a donation so that we can continue to find and publish the most interesting queer perspectives for you.

Support queer art & activism ❤︎

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