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Photo Competition: Climate Change. Climate Change becomes more and more visible. And we are facing a real crisis. Some studies show that we have five years to make drastic changes, necessary changes, if we want to continue living on this planet. Others give us a bit more.

Either way we do not have any more time and need to start acting now.


Native communities have been calling to put an end to destroying our earth for as long as colonialization has been going on and are still our planets strongest defenders.

How can all of us act together? How do you experience climate change where you live? What are the things that you would like to preserve? What are you or what is your community doing to prevent climate change and further destruction?

This month’s photo competition allows for submissions in two categories.

Because this is such an important topic we would like to give it more space than our usual photo competitions.

Category I: observation

How does climate change make itself visible in your region? What are the effects of climate change that you experience? Show us where society, governments, all of us need to direct our attention. Show us the effects it has on your community’s and the environment’s well-being. Show us what is important to you and the places you would like to see preserved.

In this category you can submit single pictures as well as photo series of up to five pictures.

Category II: action

What are you or people in your community doing to prevent climate change? This can be people in action, picking up trash, organizing, going to demonstrations, speaking to politicians. But it can also be anything else. We want you to show us that we have a chance if we don’t stay silent, if we take action. We want you to show us that we have a chance if we make changes in our lives, bigger or smaller changes, according to our abilities. We want to highlight how amazing and strong we can be.

In this category we accept submissions of single pictures.


There will be a first, second and third prize in each category as well as an audience prize.

The six winners will be exhibited at the Whose Museum in Malmö, Sweden for 4 weeks, starting June 8th, 2019. They will also be exhibited in Berlin, Germany at FAQ in July.

Each winner receives a limited edition gift package from TQU, with a hand printed bag, patches, badges, zines and stickers.


May 26th, 2019. June 1st. Winners will be announced June 7th.

The winners and all submissions will be published on this website.

Terms & Conditions

One submission per person and category accepted. If you submit more than once, we will only use your last submission.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the right to publish submitted photos and have the consent of people in the photo to be published on TQU and beyond.

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