Your Favorite Place

We all have a secret place, that cool spot where the magic of where we live is tangible. What’s yours? Take a beautiful picture of it and share it with us.

Every month we’ll have a different topic, chosen by a different judge.

Jury Prize – The JUDGE Will select their favorite photo and on top of a physical prize you will receive a personal message from the judge.
Audience Prize – The audience will get to vote for all submitted pictures and they will decide who is going to win a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize.
1. Take an original picture or use a picture you took earlier, and make sure you have the right to publish the picture. If there’s another person but you in the picture, make sure you have written consent that you’re allowed to publish that picture. Write one or two sentences, why you picked the submitted picture.
2. There are three options to submit your photo: send your picture, one or two sentences about the picture, your country and your name and age (if you want) to the art department via email, upload it below, or upload it on Instagram using the hashtag #PhotoCompetitionTQU.
3. On the 1st all pictures will be uploaded and you can invite your friends to vote for your picture for the following ten days.
4. The winners will be announced during the week after the 10th each month.
November 2017 ◼︎◼︎◼︎ Your Favorite Place ◼︎◼︎◼︎ Verena/TQU

submissions closed:

PS: This call originally asked for people from 10 different countries to submit a photo of their favorite place each month. But since we got submissions from people from so many different places within the first month, we decided to change the call and open it up to everyone.