Offline exhibitions have/will take(n) place in Tallinn (Estonia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Podgorica (Montenegro) and Prague (Czech Republic) in 2017. In 2018 there will be an exhibition in Berlin, Germany and other places yet to be confirmed.

#TheGalleryProject began in the summer of 2016 as an open call for queer artists from around the world to set up their own online galleries on TQU. 45 of them have been considered for the offline exhibtion, and from now on we will only add artists from the places where the exhibition will travel to.

The artworks span from photography to painting to installation to collage; some explicitly address queer topics, while other are more abstract. Together, the collection shows the diversity that queer life and experience has to offer. They will provide an insight into the varied lives of queers: the struggles as well as the beauty, and they just might inspire you to create your own art.

If you would like to host an exhibition of #TheGalleryProject in the future get in touch.

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This is an impression from the exhibition in Tallinn, Estonia:

“The TQU workshop and exhibition in Tallinn was an eye-opening way of seeing new art (some of it from artists who had never exhibited in a gallery before or who used pseudonyms to avoid persecution in their home countries), imagining queer utopias, and understanding the diverse realities of queer and trans people around the world, especially in non-western settings. The first piece that caught my eye because of its pretty colors ended up being a memorial to the Armenian genocide, which was very bittersweet,” said one visitor at the last exhibition in Tallinn, Estonia this March. Read full story.

Some other opinions:

„In times when LGBTQ people are still being persecuted and even murdered as reported in Chechnya, forming a strong alliance and a platform for self-expression and is as important as ever. The art world seems to have finally woken up from its political slumber and yet queer people of colour are still severely underrepresented in the international art discourse. And while queer artists from numerous countries are creating works that are aimed at evoking a sense of unity, pride and resistance on a daily basis, their voices often remain unheard. Transnational Queer Underground is a platform that was founded to tackle precisely this.“ from Sleek Magazine.

„Ben Miller talks with Verena Spilker about a Berlin-based project that raises questions about how to create more inclusive archives and how communities can form through art.“ from Pelican Bomb

„#TheGalleryProject is a transnational repository of queer art open to everyone. Collages, comics, paintings, photographs, performances and installations –among other formats– participate in such an open project that seeks to question Western ethnocentrism within the arts. #TheGalleryProject is part of TQU –Transnational Queer Underground–, whose main aim is to rewrite the narrations of history dominated by white men.“ from FELGTB

And you can also listen to a podcast on NoStrings Nigeria: https://nostringsng.com/podcast-german-journalist-talks-collecting-queer-art-nostrings/

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