Renaud Héléna is part of #TheGalleryProject. #TheGalleryProject includes artworks from 47 artists from 27 different countries. Each work reflects a unique perspective and as a whole, the exhibition series refuses to present a standardized narrative. Rather, it becomes clear that being queer means something different to each artist, whether sexually, politically, or aesthetically.

Each artist represented in the exhibition has developed their own strategies for coping with their lived realities and addressing (or not addressing) them in their art. The works displays sex, fragility, anger, courage, hope, nihilism, strength, fear, and beauty.

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About the artist:

I like plastic and synthetic fabric.
I like cutting a trash bag to transform it into a garland.
I like listening to lyrical music (with violin and other classical instruments) like in the movies, except that here I will be the one saving you.
I like mundane conversations that fail to reach anyone.
I wonder if you come here often.
I like witches potions to find love.
I like pulp cushioning.
I do not like the work of those that want to save us.
I like to get rid of things and feel free for a while.

About the artwork:

This series of drawings stayed in a folder for a while. One reason for that is, that I originally wanted to try to draw something that would both disgust and arouse me. That didn’t work so well.
I also couldn’t really see them within my previous artistic work (which is more abstract).
But I believe that it is good to create my own black sheep in order to push my own frame. So here you go: The sheep are out!

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