by Steffen & Verena

These Interviews were conducted in 2003/2004 as part of a research for a paper at the University of Göttingen | Germany on gender networks and music.

What do you do?
I play guitar.

Please describe your political ideology/standpoint.
I don’t really put a label to it.

Does your political standpoint influence your music?
Well, i don’t write lyrics, but it influences the kinds of venues we play, who we play with, the labels we put our music out with, how we present ourselves to the world–and also the kinds of music itself, as it is experimental and not succumbing to the status quo.

Is there an international network that you find important for your music?
yes, we have made musical connections with people all over the world.

In what way do you think influences globalization those international networks?
To a certain extent, I’m sure that globalisation has enabled the expansion of some of these networks–creating a context and infrastructure for international communication–but in the big picture, in terms of the exploitation, inconsideration, and violence that it has wrought, i think it stands in opposition to underground networks.

Did you experience gender-related problems?
gender-specific problems to what? in being in my band? mainly only with people having a really limited view of what it can mean to be a woman musician…

Interview by Steffen and Verena

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