Send me postcards and books by Sneha Rooh

Send me postcards and books

Your clothes for swapping

And all the slicing words that repeat

Send me the smile you forgot to give

And the words you carried back with you

Send me the words you did say

So that I can touch them sometimes

(Now they are only in my head).

Send me your old tee shirt

Your photographs

If you have a pet you’ve lost

Send me their bowls that are empty

You keep the leash that pulled you farther

Send me the lonely nights

I’ll burn them for you and congratulate you

On the crackles.

Send me the name of an unasked gift

that you think you don’t deserve.

Send me the bottle caps of alcohol

That kept you company when I couldn’t.

Send me your memory jar

Old calendar cutouts and tiny things

You pick from the streets

Send me the feeling of warm oil

Of being kneaded on soles

Send me.

The postman could be a good friend, I sense!


Falco Verholen

Dr. Sneha Rooh is a palliative physician, a person who loves cats and cat naps. Her passions include getting people to talk about death through death cafes and women to say “vagina” without flinching. She travels around India using art theatre and dialogue to bring up matters like sex, death, menstruation through her organisation called Orikalankini.

Falco Verholen is a Dutch ftm artist with a weak spot for the mysterious, otherworldly and animalistic. He loves telling stories through art, comics and video. Currently working on several game projects. Lover of indie games, nature, Murakami, internet comedy, seriousness, silliness and discovering / connecting art, stories and above all, people.